The Call Is Coming From Inside The Podcast! (Ghost Stories Part I) (#71)

The Call Is Coming From Inside The Podcast! (Ghost Stories Part I) (#71)

When October rolls around,  a long-held tradition on the program is to roll out all the old Halloween music and records that I know and love so much. But last year we stumbled upon a great idea: to tell Ghost Stories on the radio, in honor of my favorite time of year. This worked out to our advantage this time around, as so many people turned out that we are able to offer calls all through the month of October – some via Skype and some via the phone – that chronicle some of the most unusual supernatural experiences that have ever occurred.

With that in mind, we have four calls from four people who have each had an experience that you NEED to hear about. Some of these calls are from people who are appearing on the show for the first time. Others are from friends of the show, and previous guests who have a story to tell that fits in with this time of year. In every case, I have not coaxed these stories out of anyone, nor have I edited the calls or tampered with their narratives. This is what happened. And I urge you to listen, and allow the spirit of the season greet you this time of year.



The Call Is Coming From Inside The Podcast!

Part I: Introduction

01.) Halloween Ambience * Austin Rich / Old Records * Mid-Valley Mutations.
02.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)

Part II: Mustin Douch of Nasalrod

Mustin Douch is on Social Media
And you should pre-order the Nasalrod album. I think you’re gonna love it.

Part III: Heather Zajkowski of The Sound of Tomorrow

Heather Zajkowski appears on The Sound of Tomorrow every week.  This show airs on WAYO in Rochester, New York on 104.3 FM at 4 PM on Wednesdays. It is also available as a podcast in all of your usual stores and services.

Part IV: Austin Shippey

You can find Austin Shippey at, which resolves to, where you can find Austin and his services, as well as Praesidium: A handbook of magical defense and protection.

Part V: Jeremy Hight

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