The Time Zones Exchange Project: A Tribute To Don Joyce (#9)

A year ago I made this edit of a classic Don Joyce broadcast / release, to air on the anniversary of his passing. It’s now been two years since he’s been gone, but I still think about him quite often. Thanks again, Don, for inspiring me, and this program.

Mid-Valley Mutations

600x600bbThe Time Zones Exchange Project: A Tribute To Don Joyce (#9)

In the last year I’ve written quite a bit about Don Joyce, who was not only my favorite DJ, but hosted the incredible Over The Edge program for 34 years, until he passed at exactly one year ago, today.  Over The Edge was not only near and dear to my heart, and a weekly part of my life for a large chunk of it, but was the exact influence that showed me what my radio programs could be like, and how they could take shape.  The story that won me over as a fan is the one that appears on the program today, and is an excellent entry point into the weird world of his kind of experimental radio.

“The Time Zones Exchange Project” is a story edited from several OTE Broadcasts that were on KPFA Radio…

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