Beef Kitchen, LIVE! (#53)

Beef Kitchen, LIVE! (#53)

Salem is no stranger to metal, or even stoner rock, but Beef Kitchen is something truly special: a very weird combo, comprised of long-time musicians who have come to perfect their own tonal language, who free-form their way through blissed out atmospheres combined with slabs of riffage, indecipherable lyrics, metronomic drums, and an attitude toward improvisation and ebbing with the flow that you don’t often see in a group that identifies as “loud.”  The fact that these guys just do not give a fuck, and want to play music they love as often a possible, is also a testament to the Salem-ness of this combo.  Nothing is gonna get this cattle to change it’s hooves, and you wouldn’t want to, anyway.  Beef Kitchen is perfect just the way they are, and I think you’ll realize that when you listen to what they coo
ked up for this performance.

Join us for a two hour presentation where we get to hear two live sets by local rockers Beef Kitchen, and wonderful interview placing their group in the context of the historic Salem music scene, and get a taste of what it’s like on their side of the butcher’s table.  This might be a little different than the usual format, but listeners to this show know of my love of loud rock music, but also of the weirder permutations of that variety.  This might not be the usual kinds of oddness that you are accustomed to tuning in for, but I think that you’ll find experi-metal to be just as satisfying as anything electronic that you might happen to enjoy.

And, if you want a little text with your radio, here’s the story I wrote about them for the Salem Weekly, regarding their debut release. And, as if that weren’t enough, we also include another installment of Dimestore Radio Theater, to close out the show.  It’s a mega-sized episode and it is ready for you.

This also marks the one-year anniversary of this program on KMUZ.  While we didn’t really get into that much on the show, I want to thank KMUZ for letting Mid-Valley Mutations grow and develop into the thing that now lumbers onto the air at 10 PM on a Friday night.  While this is only the most recent chapter in my radio story, the people at KMUZ have never interfered with the show, never asked me to change anything, and have supported me in making a show that I believe in.  That’s really important in the world of radio, and is something to be nurtured and treasured in the changing media landscape.  Thank you, KMUZ, for making Mid-Valley Mutations possible, and for making radio in the mid-valley sound so much better.

Now, enter the Beef Kitchen.

And: Enjoy.

Spinitron Playlist

Beef Kitchen, LIVE! (TBD)


Part I: Undertaking

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) untitled [Track 4] * Хапчык * Хапчык * Self-Relased (2017)
03.) Undertaking * The Giant Worm * Specimen 15 April 2017 * unreleased (2017)

Part II: Beefy

04.) Live! 1 * Beef Kitchen * 26 May 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part III: Between Shifts

05.) Interview * Beef Kitchen * 26 May 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)


Part IV: Workin’ A Double

06.) guided meditation [Song 1 excerpt] * Beef Kitchen * Evil Wizard Finger * Self-Released (2017)
07.) Live! 2 * Beef Kitchen * 26 May 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)
08.) 100% Beef [Song 1 excerpt] * Beef Kitchen * Live at the 50 * (2017)

Part V: Dimestore Radio Theater

09.) The Pigeon’s Blood * The Adventures of Philip Marlowe * 11 June 1949 * NBC (1949)

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