Just Kitten, LIVE! (#49)

Just Kitten, LIVE! (#49)

Between last week’s incredible show featuring Vortex Remover, and the punk rock blast we got from Just Kitten tonight, The Meaning of Life party promises to be pretty fuckin’ dope this weekend.  Eight bands, two venues, and 42 years, all brought together to enjoy good music.  If you’re not doing anything, come out and enjoy the show.

Because at The Fifty, Just Kitten will be debuting in front of audiences.  And on this show, you can preview all their songs, and get a taste for what they’re all about.  I’ve done this a few times over the years, and there is something very special about a band at the first stages of their work.  It is never polished, it is never how the band turns out in the end, but there is an energy and a momentum to the earliest phases of a band that I find incredibly compelling, and for that, Just Kitten delivers in spades.

Half Interweb Joke, and deadly serious the rest of the time, this is down home, queer cat punk rock the way it was meant to be.  So often the airwaves have a straight (male) perspective, and even if it is just to have fun and make a lot of noise, I find that it is endlessly more entertaining to present that other perspective, and get to know what these kittens are all about.
The line-up this weekend is crazy, and throughout the show I pepper the presentation with the other acts on the bill.  And they, podcast listeners get a bonus track: MKUltramegaphone, performing live in Portland in March.  They’re closing out the show on Sunday, and bringing this party weekend to and end.  Seems fitting we should end the podcast this way, too.

This show was a lot of fun, and really, you’ve gotten hear it to believe it.  And in that regard, you are lucky.


Spinitron Playlist

Just Kitten, LIVE! 

Part I: très gone

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Performance [Excerpts] * Trés Gone * 16 March 2013 * What’s This Called? (2013)
03.) House * The Long Division Trio * House * Self-Released (????)

Part II: The Taylor Household File Structure

05.) SOPA (I Am Undecided) * /root_DIR * EP * Self-Released (2013)
06.) Space Unicorn * Gordon Taylor * E.P. * Self-Released (2013)

Part III: Queer Cat Punk

08.) LIVE PERFORMANCE * Just Kitten * 28 April 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part IV: A Talking Cat?

14.) evil lab ambience * Leigh Stevens * evil lab ambience * Self-Released (????)
15.) Live Interview * Just Kitten * 28 April 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part IV: JKDJ.

16.) Cheese Farm (Radio Edit) MARC & The Horsejerks * Cheese Farm * Bandcamp.com (2014)
17.) Jazz Crimes * The Last Artful, Dodgr & Neill Von Tally * Bone Music * Bandcamp.com (2017)
18.) Dramamine * Modest Mouse * This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About * Up Records (1996)
19.) The World Political * C.P. * The Beatles * Deathbomb Arc Records (2004)
20.) Codine Eyes * Dreamcrusher * Quid Pro Quo EP * Bandcamp.com (2016)
21.) With Shotguns * Songs For Moms * I Used To Believe In The West * Bandcamp.com (2009)
22.) I Wish I Was Him * Noise Addict * The Taste In My Eyes * Fellaheen Records (1993)
23.) Hardly Wait * PJ Harvey * 4-Track Demos * Island Records (1993)
24.) Sin Guía, No * Juana Molina * Wed 21 * Sony Music (2013)

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