The Beginning (15 April 1998 Retrocast)

19 years ago today, I began my first radio broadcast on KWVA in Eugene, Oregon. This is a recreation of that three hour broadcast, using what was left of the tapes I used to record that show, playlists, and the best of my memory. Here’s to 19 years of Mutated Radio!

KWVA Studio KWVA Studio

The Beginning (KWVA Episode 001)
(Originally broadcast on 15 April 1998 on KWVA.)

Playlist & Footnotes:

This was my first ever radio broadcast.   4 A.M. – 7 A.M. on KWVA.  What follows is a recreation, based on playlists, recordings, and memories from that evening.  This is an approximation of what it was like to listen to my show this evening.


The Beginning


01.) Strychnine * Strychnine * Born to Loose * Industrial Strength Records
02.) Millionaire * ?? * ?? * ??
03.) Teenagers From Mars * Misfits * Collection * Caroline Records
04.) Christine * The Con Men * Live In-Studio * KWVA Radio
05.) Dicks Hate The Police * The Dicks * 1980-1986 * Alternative Tentacles Records
06.) Stereo Phasing Test / Television * Man… Or Astro-Man? * Experiment Zero * Touch & Go Records
07.) Cramp Stomp * The Cramps * Big…

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