Consonants & Vowels (A Vinyl Solution) (#45)

Consonants & Vowels (A Vinyl Solution) (#45)

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but the schedule lately has gotten crazy, and with good reason.  A lot of people want to play on the show, and I LOVE having guests, so the combination of the two has lead to a healthy calendar with a ton of amazing artists making a lot of noise on the radio.  I love it, of course.  But for some reason, no one was interested in today’s date.  What with a bunch of public shows too, this one really snuck up on me.  The only solution, as I saw it, was to bust out another Vinyl Solution.

The timing is sort of perfect.  Or, at least, worked out anyway.  My co-host and bandmate got sick during our last gig on Wednesday, and it was still lingering today.  But after I went through my records again and started thinking about what I wanted to play, it all worked out.  Humorously enough, I originally intended to mix up the vinyl with all sorts of other stuff, but when I got to the station, something about the vibe of the night left me to only play the records.  It figures.  That’s just how I am.

Of course, horridus decided to call in anyway, so up front we jam via the phone for a spell, and it actually sounded pretty good.  (He sent a photo of his “sick” rick that he put together for this, that you can see above.  And, I should mention, I mis-identify this item as the “newest” member of our group, and it is not.  But it still sounds good.)  Aside from his call, the rest of this show was pure vinyl, and that’s the way I like it.

There’s a whole lot more live music on the show coming up soon, just the way we like it, so consider this a little breather before we dive back into the mosh pit.  I, for one, cannot way.


Spinitron Playlist

Consonants & Vowels


Part I: Consonants & Vowels

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
03.) Cutter Magnolias * Blood Rhythms * Assembly * No Part Of It Records (2015)
04.) Theme From Consonants & Vowels * MKUltramegaphone * 31 March 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part II: You’re Welcome To Play

05.) Fete De La Patience / You’re Welcome To Play * Derek M Johnson * FKXMS * Aphonia Records (2011)
06.) Walking Through The Upside Down / She’ll Kill You * Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein * Stranger Things Volume One (A Netflix Original Series) * Lakeshore Records (2016)
07.) Abraxis Atticus * ARU * DPV3.5 * Captcha Records (2013)

Part III: Truth In Advertising

08.) Shitfaced Reynolds * Guyve * Delaying The Inevitable * Self-Released (2012)
09.) Don Haugen Lathe
10.) Truth In Advertising * Negativland * Truth In Advertising EP * Eerie Materials (1997)


Part IV: The Smell of Burning Wires (Every Astronaut Fears)

11.) [Various Selections From Both Records Mashed-Up] * Paul Beaver & Bernard L. Krause * The Nonesuch Guide To Electronic Music * Nonsuch Records (1968)
12.) The Smell of Burning Wires Every Astronaut Fears * Men’s Recovery Project * Thank You For Killing Me EP * Paralogy Records (1997)
13.) [Various Selections] * Igor Stravinsky * The Rite of Spring * Nonesuch Records (1966) * Mashed-Up w/
14.) [Various Selections] * Bela Bartók * Divertimento For String Orchestra * Epic Records (1959) * Mashed-Up w/
15.) [Various Selections] * Gustav Holst * The Planets * RCA Records (1976) * Mashed-Up w/
16.) [Various Selections] * George Gershwin * The Gershwin Album * Columbia Recors (1973) * Mashed-Up w/
17.) [Various Selections] * Ornette Coleman * The Best of Ornette Coleman * Atlantic Records (1970)

Part V: Re-Volution (or, “The College Rock Block”)

18.) Revolution Part 1 / Revolution Part 2 * Butthole Surfers * Piouhgd * Rough Trade Records (1991)
19.) Sex Bomb * Flipper * Generic * Subterranean Records (1981)
20.) [Various Selections] * Don L. Hunter * OP&E 19 * Emerald Custom Sound Recording (1970)
21.) Christianity Is Stupid * Negativland * Escape From Noise * SST Records (1987)
22.) Kerosene * Big Black * Atomizer * Homestead Records (1986)

Part VI: Starting Over

23.) [Various Selections] * Don L. Hunter * OP&E 19 * Emerald Custom Sound Recording (1970) Mashed-Up w/
24.) Test And Balance Section * John Hall * Sounds Out Of This World * Omega Disc (1960)
25.) Day One * Enemymine * The Ice In Me * Up Records (2000)

Part VII: Dimestore Radio Theater Pilot

26.) The Orange Dog * The Adventures of Philip Marlowe * 22 January 1949 * NBC Radio (1949)

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