What’s This Called? with Tres Gone, Live! (Retrocast)

I only got to meet Mike Mahaffay a handful of times, and saw him play a few more than that. He was an incredibly performer, and very friendly to me, always. Here is a radio session I did with him and Eric Hausmann and Scott Steele on Ricardo Wang’s program, back in 2013. This includes full video of the performance (sadly, from one unflattering angle), but has some of the best sounds that I was happily able to capture for the future.

RIP, Mike Mahaffay. You played fantastically for me and my friends at my 40th Birthday Party, and if there’s any justice in the world, everyone will always remember you as a friend first and an fantastic performer second. Thanks for sharing a small part of your life with me.


Tres Gone on What's This Called? Tres Gone on What’s This Called?

What’s This Called? with Tres Gone, Live!
(Containing the soothing sounds of Tres Gone performing live.)

Saturdays were made for radio, and whenever Eric Hausmann is in the house, it can only mean that you must be listening to What’s This Called?   Ricardo Wang and I work to bring you a soothing performance by Tres Gone: Mike Mahaffay, Scott Steele and Eric, bringing you improvisational mastery in a way to kick off your weekend.

Following a half-hour pre-game show featuring hand-picked selections by the host himself, I mixed a great back and forth by these improvisational masters.  While many young artists love to just make some noise, when you have performers of this caliber, the art of listening seems to be front and center in this show.  This is one of those great shows where you can actually feel the energy in…

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