The Organization of Sound: field recordings and musique concrète Part II (#26)

giphyThe Organization of Sound: field recordings and musique concrète (Part II) (#26)

I love my Zoom recorder, and there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down with a whole mess of audio to assemble from a recent recording session.  Not only is it the perfect tool for capturing audio, but with my recent interest in making field recordings, it has become a tool that I very much depend on.

What is incredible is that I am regularly astounded by the things I hear on recordings that I did not hear at the time, when I was there in the room with the recorder.  There is something about the way the microphone records the moment that allows us to take in the nuance and the completeness of the sound in a way that is often lost in the moment.  Ever since I discovered the microphone and the tape recorder I’ve been fascinated by what I can create with them, and I have spent my share of time listening to what amounts to hours of rain, or crickets, or a fire, just because it still impresses me, all these years later.

15134685_367694956901829_3931550613759763264_nThis show draws largely from recordings I’ve made recently, capturing not just the season but my experience as someone who does a lot of walking.  It also includes an incredible amount of a Lawrence English essay that I found particularly interesting.  It seemed like the perfect stuff to reflect on after a long work week, and was the right kind of headiness for Mid-Valley Mutations.

This is very much a follow up to Episode #8, the last time I tackled an hour or this subject, and in a similiar-ish fashion.  While this episode does not include as much recorded work in this area, it does contain some.  But I was mostly attempting to create a mood and a tone, and I think I was very successful.  For those who enjoy that sort of thing, here is a feed entirely dedicated to these podcasts: The Organization of Sound.


Spinitron Playlist

The Organization of Sound: field recordings & musique concrète (Part II)

Part I: From The Front Porch

01.) Rain Settling In (7 November 2016) * Austin Rich * Field Recordings * unreleased (2016)
02.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
03.) A History of Field Recording * Written by Lawrence English / Read by Mac OS 10.12.1 “Voice Control” *A Beginner’s Guide To… Field Recording * (2014)
04.) Free Improvised Lunch no.2 (#2) * Uneasy Chairs * Free Improvised Lunch no. 2 * (2015)

Part II: A Walkabout

05.) Williamsburg Bridge * Fred Frith * Step Across The Border * RecRec (1990)
06.) Walkabout (17 November 2016) * Austin Rich * Field Recordings * unreleased (2016)
07.) Birds of a Feather (29 August 2016) * Austin Rich * Field Recordings * unreleased (2016)

Part III: Back To The Porch


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