Attack Of The Killer E’s: Entresol & Entrail from Eugene, LIVE! (#17)

hqdefaultAttack Of The Killer E’s: Entresol & Entrail from Eugene, LIVE! (#17)

I’ll say this up front: I’m pre-disposed to enjoy things from Eugene OR, as someone who spent a number of formative years there.  There’s something about being 20 in a town where you see your first shows and have your first relationships that really sticks with you, no matter where you go afterward.  There’s a fondness that I can’t shake, and when I hear new music and find out the artist is from Eugene, I listen a little closer.

My friends in /root_DIR mentioned that they had toured with Entresol a while back, and after checking out the stuff, I immediately reached out to try and set something up for our show, especially in light of their playing live in Salem on September 21st.  Before long we had roped Entrail into hopping onto the gig, and pretty soon this hour of radio had turned into an FM split cassette, complete with phone interviews and everything.  It sort of feels like an audio ‘zine, and I’m totally cool with that.

Usually when we have live guests on the show, it is about as live as it can get: the band sets up, we turn on the mics, and music happens on the radio.  It’s pretty cool, the next best thing to being there.  But in this case, we are using some radio magic to present this show.  These sets were recorded last month by Entresol, and the phone calls were recorded a couple weeks ago by me.  But you don’t really need to know that to enjoy the show.  However, I did have to cut A LOT of material from the broadcast.  There’s almost 10 minutes cut from the Entresol Performance, and five minutes cut from Entrail.  And both of the interviews were three times longer than what you hear on the show.  Don’t worry.  That bonus material will surface real soon.  I just couldn’t fit everything into an hour.  Keep your ears aimed squarely over here, and you’ll find it soon enough.

0008133063_10I would urge you to check out Entresol live here in Salem Oregon on September 21st at The Space, performing with Orchards.  It’s rare that cool shows like this happen anywhere, and this one has the MId-Valley Mutations seal of approval.  You can also catch Entresol on tour if you live in selected places throughout Oregon & Washington, touring with Dalembert.

There’s some incredible shows coming in the next few weeks, and this is just a taste of things to come.  Next week: are you ready, for Fiasco?


Spinitron Playlist.

Entresol & Entrail, LIVE!

Part I: Entresol

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Olga (The Dog) * Entresol * Then Short Songs About People I Know (EP) * (2016)
03.) Live Performance * Entresol * Live Performance * Recorded For This Broadcast (2016)

Part II: Hanging On The Telephone

04.) The Unappreciator (Two Ruminations) * Entresol * Syntaxes/The Unappreciator (EP) * (2016)
05.) Phone Call * Entresol & Austin * Phone Call * Recorded For This Broadcast (2016)
06.) machine+beautiful friend+mass [Excerpt I] * Entrail * Ursula * (2015)
07.) Phone Call * Entrail & Austin * Phone Call * Recorded For This Broadcast (2016)

Part III: Entrail

08.) Live Performance * Entrail * Live Performance * Recorded For This Broadcast (2016)
09.) machine+beautiful friend+mass [Excerpt II] * Entrail * Ursula * (2015)

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