15th Anniversary Blas-Travaganza Part V: Guyve! (Supplemental Retrocast) (#13.3)


15th Anniversary Blas-Travaganza Part V: Guyve! (Supplemental Retrocast) (#13.3)

(Originally Performed 20 April 2013)

Closing out Day 1 of our incredible Blas-Travaganza: the immortal Guyve!  Now a three piece, and celebrating their 20th anniversary as a working band, Guyve have been friends of the show for a while, and every time I see them they have new chops that just blow my mind. Guyve create textures and atmospheres of metal and psychedelia that continue to mystify and blow minds.  Guyve are not to be messed with, and when they agreed to play this show, I knew Day 1 would be fantastic.

Day 1

These guys have always been cool guys, and the number of examples I have of their incredible awesomeness would fill a blog post of it’s own.  They were also kind enough to contribute a fantastic song for our just-released comp, Lost In The Supermarket, available now on our Bandcamp site.  Their last album – their first ever vinyl release – is a fantastic representation of their show, and as a three piece, they not only have an even fuller sound, but they are even cool with more nice band members.  Really, I couldn’t have been happier to have them on the bill, and my only regret is that there were so many people who did not get to see them.

Fortunately, you can enjoy this podcast for the time being.  Thanks again to all the people at East End, and all the people who attended the show, and got to see this awesome Performance.



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