Guyve, LIVE? (#13)

IMG_0100 Guyve, LIVE? (#13)

I’ve known Guyve for almost 10 years now, and this is not the first time we’ve worked together in the interest of radio.  On three previous occasions these guys have performed their brand of psychedelic, instrumental experimentation, a quest they’ve been following for over 20 years, as evidenced by the wealth of audio output by these incredible performers.

GuyveGuyve got their start in Montana in 1993, but relocated to Portland at some point in the 2000s.  I first met them in 2006, when they performed on KPSU‘s “Live Friday” Program, which I hosted at the time.  They returned in 2009 to do a sneaky “impromptu” live performance very early in the morning before my show, which I also hosted, and then again in 2013 for the 15th Anniversary “Blas-travaganza” show at the now-defunct East End.  Along the way they have not only been supporters of the program, have have often let me feature songs that are in the early stages of being fleshed out, and I even have a nice Test Pressing of their LP that I got to hear well before most everyone else.

I’ve met a lot of people over the almost 20 years I’ve been involved in radio, and often those people are flash-in-the-pan encounters, moments where you bond for one hour, and then they’re gone.  But occasionally those people return again and again, and each time the encounter is rewarding in ways you could never have anticipated.  Hopefully, this performance and interview will give you a chance to get to know this band the way I have, too.

(I should come clean: the members of Guyve did join me in the studio, where I did attempt to record them for broadcast.  However, the recording did not come out.  This show captures Guyve in rehearsal, back on 11 July 2016.  While Parts of the recording from 15 August 2016 do appear in this episode, one the whole that is a lost performance, and we’re already arranging for a way to make another attempt.  To be continued.)

Here are some links to tide you over:

Bandcamp * YouTube * MyFacester+ * OldSpacePlace

As part of this special presentation, retrocasts from the previous times I’ve worked with Guyve will appear in the podcast feed.  These are supplemental works, and well worth your time.  They offer a chance to hear Guyve at two key periods: at the beginning of their work on Delaying The Inevitable, and during the end of that period, just before the record was finished.  Then again, in 2013, when Justin had joined the band, and they offered a melding of what they were before, and what they would become during the current, improvisational period.  If you use all four of these shows, you have a good representation of the last 10 years of the band.

The only other time I’ve interviewed Guyve was in 2006, and that is the source of the alternate interview clips you heard during the program.  Justin wasn’t in the group at the time, but many of the comments are the same.

While it’s nice to fool around with pre-records like this, it is also an indication of how important it will be to get them back on the program, even more live than before.  But, until then:




Spinitron Playlist


Guyve, LIVE?

Part I: Anthem non mehtnA

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Interview (Contemporary) * Austin Rich & Guyve * Interview (Contemporary) * Mid-Valley Mutations (2016)
03.) Interview (2006) * Austin Rich * Guyve * Interview (2006) * Live Friday (2006)
04.) Spiders [Excerpt 1] * Guyve * 11 July 2016 * Self-Released (2016)
05.) Stale Cheese (Part I) * Guyve * 11 July 2016 * Self-Released (2016)
06.) The Lost Performance * Guyve * 15 August 2016 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2016)

Part II: Spiders

06.) Spiders [Excerpt 2] * Guyve * 11 July 2016 * Self-Released (2016)

Part III: Astrosonic Labs

07.) Stale Cheese (Part II) * Guyve * 11 July 2016 * Self-Released (2016)
08.) Spiders [Excerpt 3] * Guyve * 11 July 2016 * Self-Released (2016)


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