Welcome! I’m Aldo Calrissian (#12)

aldoWelcome!  I’m Aldo Calrissian (#12)

Two weeks ago I played an Aldo Calrissian track on the program, and was surprised to find that he was a local artist here in the Salem area.  And, tonight, you heard him in the studio, on the show, which just goes to prove how incredible the power of radio can be.  I went from having never heard of this artist, to spending over an hour with him on the air.

13932857_1217962101587791_423134212257858002_nAnd what a show!  Aldo brought in a bunch of stuff he’s been inspired by and interested in, and during this show, we play his music, his influences, and talk about what it’s like to create art and make music in 2016.  Of course, you’ll want to go over to his Bandcamp Page or his Soundcloud Page, were you can hear his music, and find links to his other stuff all over the web.  This is a chance for you to hear a local artist talk passionately about the kind of work he does, and this is exactly the kind of show we love to bring you.


Spinitron Playlist


Welcome!  I’m Aldo Calrissian

Part I: Hello, What Do We Have Here?  

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Spun In Dust * Aldo Calrissian * Fall Forever * Bancamp.com (2014)
03.) Honey * DjRum * Seven Lies * 2nd Drop Records (2013)
04.) Flip * Glass Animals * Zaba * Wolf Tone (2014)
05.) Melody 7 * Tera Melos * Untitled * Sargent House (2011)

Part II: The Aldo Calrissian Interview

06.) Split Lip * Aldo Calrissian * Split Lip * Bandcamp.com (2015)
07.) Climbing Up The Hill (A Silent Hill 2 Remix) [Excerpt] * Aldo Calrissian * Silent April * Bandcamp.com (2015)

Part III: You Got A Lotta Guts Coming Here

08.) Improv I 042514 * Bob Bucko Jr. * Crank Spirit * Personal Archives (2015)
09.) Leaf House * Animal Collective * Sung Tongs * FatCat Records (2004)
10.) Giga Dance * Deerhoof * Milk Man * Kill Rock Stars (2004)
11.) A pitcher of summer * Kayo Dot * Choirs Of The Eye * Tzadik Records (2003)
12.) Bins [Excerpt] * Aldo Calrissian * Fall Forever * Bandcamp.com (2014)
12.) Eisegate * Aldo Calrissian * Fall Forever * Bandcamp.com (2014)

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