metal (or, “The Electric Guitar”) (#6)

metalmetal (or, “The Electric Guitar”) (#6)

I’m a sucker for loud, blistering metal, and sometimes, I just have to listen to electric guitars, as loud as they can go.

For this episode, it’s less thought and more rock.  LOUD LOUD LOUD!  While there might be a bit of a story for those who are dedicated, really, just turn this one up to 11.

You’ll thank yourself later, even if there are two separate nostalgia trips and I don’t really get any more recent than four years ago.  Still, I think you’ll agree that metal was better in the ’70’s, ’90’s, and 2010’s.

Anyway, crank it up.  After being delayed 30 minutes by the Blues Fest, I needed something to blow off some steam.



Spinitron Playlist


metal (or, “The Electric Guitar”)

Part I: Over The Moutains

01.) Can’t Go To Mecca (Favorite Show Is On) * Gaythiest * Stealth Beats * Good To Die Records (2012)
02.) Twang Bang! Kerang: The Electric Guitar * John Hedges *Twang Bang! Kerang: The Electric Guitar * BBC (1987)
03.) Electric Coke * Haute Retarde * Haute Retarde * Self-Released (2007)
04.) Drink, Drank, Drunk * RABBITS * Keep Our Heads * Eolian Empire (2013)
05.) Nightmare Air * Enemy Mine * The Ice In Me * Up Records (2000)
06.) Pistolwhipped / The Plumbing Game * KARP * Freighty Cat EP * Atlas Records (1993)
07.) I Luv U… nicorns * godheadSilo * The Scientific Supercake LP * Kill Rock Stars (1994)

Part II: It’s Party Time

08.) (track 6) * Party Time * Party Time Demo * Self-Released (1999)
09.) Voices In My Spacesuit * Last Of The Juanitas * Hawaii * Flapping Jet Records (2000)
10.) The Mechanical Bride * (the) Melvins * (A) Seniale Animal * Ipecac Records (2006)
11.) Be Forewarned * Pentagram * First Daze Here * Relapse Records (2006)

Part III: Here Come The Cyborgs

12.) Tom Foolery * Guyve * Delaying The Inevitable * Self-Released (2012)
13.) Lady of Fire * Sir Lord Baltimore * Kingdom Come * Mercury Records (1970)
14.) Ince Ince * Selda * Selda * Finders Keepers (2006)
15.) Here Come The Cyborgs Pt. 1 * Simply Saucer * Cyborgs Revisited * Mole Sound Recordings (1989)

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