Mid-Valley Mutations Premier’s May 27th on KMUZ Radio


There has been much tinkering behind the scenes to prepare us for the grand un-veiling of Mid-Valley Mutations, and while some of you have been able to catch snippets here and there as we have been at work, we can now finally announce that on May 27th at 10 PM, our program will begin weekly broadcasts here on KMUZ.  If you are a resident of the Mid-Valley, then you can hear us at either 88.5 FM, and in Salem / Keizer at 100.7 FM.  The program will feature experimental music and will be an example of it as well, and has been something I’ve been anxiously preparing for quite some time now.  I’m really excited to – finally – bring it to you.

I’ve already expounded upon my relationship with radio, and what this program will be like, and I’ll let you dig a little deeper if you are interested in that story.  But to help build anticipation, we have a Pilot Episode that you can listen to, and get a sense of what our first program will be like.  The Pilot was recorded to give KMUZ a sense of what the program will be like, but for our first episode, we’ll be pulling out all the stops.

On May 27th, tune in to hear, “How To Become A Radio DJ,” a meditation on the road I’ve hoed thus-far, and some of the potential directions our show may head in.  This hour-long audio essay will offer music that is experimental, and will be a sample of experimental radio that I hope will be as entertaining as it is fun.  Everything kicks off at 10 PM, and I would love to see you there.

I’m very proud to be a volunteer at KMUZ, and having a chance to make a program of my own for their is a great opportunity that I plan to use to produce the best possible radio I can make.  Experimental Music does not often make it onto public airwaves, and can be seen a strange and unusual to those who have never heard it before.  My hope is that, when you listen to Mid-Valley Mutations, that you not only find strange and unusual music, but that you hear and experience the beauty and history of this music the way we do, too.

If you promise to tune in, I promise to keep it entertaining.  And, sometimes, that’s all we can do.

Be seeing you.

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