Good Morning, Croatia.

Mid-Valley Mutations takes over The World.

Starting 17 January 2018, Mid-Valley Mutations began syndication with, an internet radio station in Split, Croatia. This is our first arrangement of this kind, and it was incredible to tune in the other day and hear our program coming from half-way across the world.

If you happen to listen to KLFM, our show is scheduled to air Wednesdays at 12 AM CET (essentially Thursday morning), local Split time. (For those of you in PST, where Mid-Valley Mutations airs locally, that’s 3 PM Wednesday afternoons). The only difference in the shows being aired in Split is that they have a “You’re listening to” drop added to the show, and moving forward, some of the local IDs that are currently on the show will change to accommodate syndication like this (and others in the future).

Certain shows that are specific to KMUZ will not be re-broadcast on KLFM. (Our Pledge Drive shows do not translate well, for example.) Occasional re-runs from the archives will air in place of a “new” show in those circumstances. Usually, the KLFM broadcast will be the show that aired live on KMUZ the previous Friday. Considering the show streams in the afternoon on the West Coast, this allows all you folks who listen to radio in the afternoon a chance to catch the show without having to stay up until Midnight. And, for you Eastern European night owls, I hope this is the kind of thing that will give you food for thought. It certainly works for me.

No matter how you consume the show, we are excited to be a part of this new arrangement. 2018 has been off to a great start, and as the show continues to grow and expand, we hope that our particular brand of experimental radio will be what keeps listeners returning every week. We like what we do, and we love bringing it to as many people as possible. This is one of the ways we can do that, and on our terms.


The artist’s coming over from the Corvallis Experiments In Noise organization have been confirmed, and the line-up is pretty sweet.  You won’t want to miss this one.


Your Donation Could Save Our Station! (The KMUZ Pledge Drive)

a1373653999_10We are currently in the midst of a KMUZ Pledge Drive, and we could really use your help.  No one at KMUZ gets paid.  The staff and DJs are volunteers.  The bills are paid through donations.  Even the desks and tables and shelves at the station were lovingly made by hand, and given to us at no cost.  We are Community Radio to the core, and in order to stay on the air, we need your donations.

Mid-Valley Mutations has been given a goal that should be easy enough for us to achieve, but I’d like to see if we can blow that goal out of the water.  If 100 fans each donate $1 (one dollar), we will have met our goal.  (Currently, there are over 200 fans of the show on MyFacester+, which means each of you only have to give Fifty Cents.)  I’m sure you see where I’m going with this: we can not only keep our show on the air for a very small cost, but if each of you ups that amount just a little bit, we can make that dollar go even further.

KMUZ is offering a number of perks for donors, but for anyone who mentions Mid-Valley Mutations as part of their donation will receive a copy of our Compilation, Vol 1.  Featuring live music recorded on the program, this is an excellent gift for those who show their support, and sounds pretty killer if you ask me.  Additionally, anyone who spends money in the WTBC: Wanting To Be Cool store will find that all of their purchases are donated to KMUZ, too.  There’s tons of music, and much of it you pay what you like.  It’s just another way to help us help KMUZ.

So, please.  Donate if you can.  Help keep cool shows on the air, and great radio in your community.  You can do it today!

Help Two ACRONYMS at Once: ACLU & KMUZ.

a1373653999_10As many of you have probably heard, Bandcamp is donating 100% of their proceeds this Friday to the ACLU, which makes spending money on music that much easier to do. Additionally, KMUZ’s Pledge Drive is very soon, and with that in mind, 100% of the money I make on these same purchases will go to KMUZ’s Drive. Two great causes supported by your single purchase.

a1714948314_16You can get the entire bundle of all 21 of our releases at a discount for $16.25. Or, you can pick and choose what you’d like to purchase. Either way, there’s plenty of releases new and old that are worth investing in, and you can support both the ACLU and KMUZ, two acronyms that do a lot of good for our community.

We all love music, and we all love supporting good causes. Here’s a way to do both.


When I first envisioned Mid-Valley Mutations, it was with the idea that I would also incorporate live music into the show.  Since 2004 I’ve incorporated bands and performances into the usual types of things we’ve had on the show.  Live music is not only the break and butter that radio should be made up of, but it offers a break from the kind of things that you would hear otherwise.

This is why we are very excited to have Salem’s own devilsclub on the program, 17 June 2016.  Bordering on Experimental / Electronica, with harsh noise and melodic noise elements, devilsclub has been producing art in the area on his own terms, and horridus (of devilsclub) is hard at work finalizing his double LP, to be released in the very near future.

In the meantime, this live set will include horridus showing off some of the gear that devilsclub uses in their sound, and might also include a short collaboration with our host, as well.

That, and so much more on the program.  Please, tune in, and give live experimental radio a chance to flourish in the Mid-Valley.


Ricardo Wang is so deep in the world of Experimental Music that he majored in it in college.  But not merely limited to thinking about it, for over 20 years he has hosted a radio program – What’s This Called? –  that focuses on recorded and live performances by artists that you cannot hear on any other radio program, and his career in radio is even longer than that.  Add to it that he helped found The Olympia Experimental Music Festival, and has been active in the music scene over the years, he is a key Pacific Northwest figure, and someone with plenty of stories to tell.

Joine us on the 10th of June for a candid conversation, where we talk about radio art, experimental music, family, and the other things that drive us as creative beings in this world.  And, when you’re not listening to Mid-Valley Mutations on KMUZ, check out his program – What’s This Called?  It is very much the inspiration for this current format, and it is a real treat to have him on our program.

Mid-Valley Mutations Premier’s May 27th on KMUZ Radio


There has been much tinkering behind the scenes to prepare us for the grand un-veiling of Mid-Valley Mutations, and while some of you have been able to catch snippets here and there as we have been at work, we can now finally announce that on May 27th at 10 PM, our program will begin weekly broadcasts here on KMUZ.  If you are a resident of the Mid-Valley, then you can hear us at either 88.5 FM, and in Salem / Keizer at 100.7 FM.  The program will feature experimental music and will be an example of it as well, and has been something I’ve been anxiously preparing for quite some time now.  I’m really excited to – finally – bring it to you.

I’ve already expounded upon my relationship with radio, and what this program will be like, and I’ll let you dig a little deeper if you are interested in that story.  But to help build anticipation, we have a Pilot Episode that you can listen to, and get a sense of what our first program will be like.  The Pilot was recorded to give KMUZ a sense of what the program will be like, but for our first episode, we’ll be pulling out all the stops.

On May 27th, tune in to hear, “How To Become A Radio DJ,” a meditation on the road I’ve hoed thus-far, and some of the potential directions our show may head in.  This hour-long audio essay will offer music that is experimental, and will be a sample of experimental radio that I hope will be as entertaining as it is fun.  Everything kicks off at 10 PM, and I would love to see you there.

I’m very proud to be a volunteer at KMUZ, and having a chance to make a program of my own for their is a great opportunity that I plan to use to produce the best possible radio I can make.  Experimental Music does not often make it onto public airwaves, and can be seen a strange and unusual to those who have never heard it before.  My hope is that, when you listen to Mid-Valley Mutations, that you not only find strange and unusual music, but that you hear and experience the beauty and history of this music the way we do, too.

If you promise to tune in, I promise to keep it entertaining.  And, sometimes, that’s all we can do.

Be seeing you.

Coming Soon: The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall (read by Vincent Price)

The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall
The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall

Coming Soon: The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall (read by Vincent Price)

October 20th – October 24th

NewsBlas 035 – 039.

Tune In as part of our HalloweenSpooktacular 2014 for the entire third week of October!


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