Love Can’t Buy You Money (Retrocast)

Not A True Statement
Not A True Statement

Love Can’t Buy You Money (Retrocast)
(Featuring a variety of audio media centering around a bullshit capitalist symbol.  Originally aired 10 September 2010.)

Playlist & Footnotes:

We have to deal with it every day: the capitalist backbone of our culture. It infiltrates nearly every aspect of our lives, and is the focus of some much energy in this world that it is on par with an addiction for some. We spend our days and nights toiling in jobs just to acquire a small amount of it, and spend the rest of the time pouring it into everything that matters: family, relationships, hobbies, and most strangely, survival. We are so concerned with it as a culture that it has become one of the ultimate rock and roll cliches: Gimme Some Money.

For this show, I decided to present all media about money. Rich, poor, new and old, everything in this show centers around cash in one form or another. At first I was initially concerned with taking on this theme, as I wasn’t quite sure if I could fill up a whole show. However, when all was said and done, I had to cut quite a few tracks, and found myself considering how I can probably stretch this out to a multi-part epic. While this might be all I can handle for the time being, it was good to know that this will be an inexhaustible well for ideas.

This show has a couple of firsts working for it. This was the first show that fully utilized the new, two-hour format that will be the usual presentation for Blasphuphmus Radio from here on out. While the show has been “officially” two hours for a number of weeks now, I have been out of town for most of that time, and when I was in town, had to catch up on shows I had fallen behind on. (Hence, the five hour radio event last week, with three new shows in a row.) With all the confusion and weirdness out of the way, this was the first time I could sit down and do a two-hour show that wasn’t an exception. It was just like old times, and while I won’t be using all two hours every week (I will occasionally fill that time with retrocasts), it is fun to have that time available for my use.

It is also one of the first shows that I fully utilized the new equipment that was installed at KPSU. While many DJs are very particular about what they can and can’t use on the air, I have found myself really enjoying the new digital toys that are available to make my show with. While I will never give up using turntables, or even cassettes, it is cool to have computers, iPods, and high-tech CD players at my disposal, too. This show has brought together a number of media sources, all on the fly, to present a pretty awesome show, and I was happy to see what the new equipment can do. Hopefully this will start to make my show even better, as time goes one.

But mostly, I was happy to fit Ray Charles and The Android Sisters into the same radio show. Hell yeah.



Love Can’t Buy You Money
# Track * Artist * Album * Label
01.) Selections From “A Fistful of Dollars” [Excerpt I] * Thinking Fellers Loclal 282 * Porcelain Entertainments * Normal Records
02.) Money Money * Avengers * Avengers * CD Presents Records
03.) Big Money * Big Black * Atomizer * Homestead Records
04.) Way of The Money * Gouka * Chaos of Destruction * Dan Doh Records
05.) Money * Terrible Headache * Dewa Comp Tape * Dewa Records
06.) Greed, Money, Useless Children * Jay Retard * Blood Visions * In The Red Records
07.) Big Money * Village Pistols * Killed By Death #7 * Red Rum Records
08.) Big Money * Aunt Helen * Killed By Death #18 * Red Rum Records
09.) Money * Dead Person * Order of The Kite Vol. #2 * ???? (Cholera Records)
10.) Money Orgy * Ennio Morricone * The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to “Diabolik” * Pallottola Foro Records
11.) Love Can’t Buy You Money * Motörhead * Overnight Sensation * Steamhammer Records
12.) Money Makes The More Go * Conga Fury * Terror-Rhythm Vol. 3 * Terror-Rhythm Records
13.) Cashing In * Minor Threat * Complete Discography * Discord Records
14.) Five Dollars An Hour * Born Against * The Rebel Sound Of Shit And Failure * Vermiform Records
15.) I Spent The Rent * The Queers * A Day Late And A Dollar Short * Lookout! Reocrds
16.) Kill The Rich * Anti-Flag * Kill Kill Kill!!! Kill Kill Kill!!! EP * Ripe Records
17.) “Gimme The Cash” * Bruce Willis & Matthieu Kassovitz * The Fifth Element * Columbia Pictures
18.) I Hate The Rich * The Dils * “I Hate The Rich” b/w “You’re Not Blank” * What? Records
19.) Selections From “A Fistful of Dollars” [Excerpt II] * Thinking Fellers Loclal 282 * Porcelain Entertainments * Normal Records
20.) Rich Man’s Dream * Neoboys * History of Portland Punk Vol. 1 * Zeno Records
21.) Rich Bastards ($5 Show) * Steak Knife! * Steak Knife! * Self-Released
22.) “Where’s The Money Lebowski?” * Jeff Bridges & Mark Pellegrino * The Big Lebowski * Working Title Films
23.) Money * The Causey Way * Causey vs. Everything * Alternative Tentacles
24.) Government Money * Bonemen of Barumba * Homework #9 * Hyped To Death Records
25.) Money Money Money * 9th Life * 9th Life * Self-Released
26.) Money Is All I Need * The Kids * The Kids * Philips Records
27.) The Money Programme * Monty Python * Episode 29 * BBC Television
28.) Money Orgy * Ennio Morricone * The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to “Diabolik” * Pallottola Foro Records
29.) Money Rocks * The Scruffs * Angst: The Early Recordings 1974 – 1976 * Dominic Sciscente Records
30.) Stripping For Cash * Half Japanese * Greatest Hits * Safe House Records
31.) Dollar Signs In Her Eyes * The Dead Milkmen * Metaphysical Graffiti * Restless Records
32.) Feisty Millionaire Fills Potholes With Hundred-Dollar Bills * Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo * Strange But True * Matador Records
33.) If I Were A Rich Man * Chaim Topol * Fiddler On The Roof * United Artists
34.) Selections From “A Fistful of Dollars” [Excerpt III] * Thinking Fellers Loclal 282 * Porcelain Entertainments * Normal Records
35.) For The Love Of Money [Remix] * The O’Jays * The Funk Box * Hip-O Records
36.) How To Become Rich Immediately * Loren Howe * The Real Story of Money, Health, and Religion *
37.) Money Honey * Clyde McPhatter & the Drifters * Atlantic Rhythm & Blues: 1947-1974 * Atlantic Records
38.) Money In My Pockets * The Mills Brothers * Chronological Vol. 2 (1932 – 1934) * JSP Records
39.) It’s Only Money * Groucho Marx & Frank Sinatra * Double Dynamite * RKO Radio Pictures
40.) I’ve Got Money * James Brown * Roots Of A Revolution * Polydor Records
41.) Money * Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings * I Learned the Hard Way * Daptone Records
42.) Greenbacks * Ray Charles * Genius & Soul: The 50th Anniversary Collection * Rhino / Wea Records
43.) “Your Money Or Your Life?” * Jack Benny * The Stolen Oscar (28 March, 1948) * CBS Radio
44.) Get Rich Quick * Little Richard * The Formative Years 1951-1953 * Bear Family Records
45.) Money Orgy * Ennio Morricone * The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to “Diabolik” * Pallottola Foro Records
46.) Alienation’s For The Rich * They Might Be Giants * They Might Be Giants * Restless / Bar/None Records
47.) Treasury Wizards * The Android Sisters * Ruby 1: The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe * ZBS Records

KPSU Playlist

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