Brought To You By The Letter M

mBrought To You By The Letter M (Retrocast)
(Featuring an audio essay from 30 August 2005 on KPSU.)

Join me for an audio exploration of music made by artists that start with the letter M.  These kinds of constraints create an interesting pallet in which to paint, and it is an idea I’m not sure I want to explore too often, for fear that it will loose the impact.  Still, this is a nice slice of college radio from ten years ago, and a good way to spend an hour, as I love all of these songs.




01.) 10 lb. Moustache * Man Man
02.) Carry Stress In The Jaw * Mr. Bungle
03.) Ten Dollars A Pile * Melt Banana
04.) Never Ending Math Equation * Modest Mouse
05.) Walking Through Forever * Charles Manson
06.) Reverb 1000 * Man… Or Astro-Man?
07.) This Is Not A Photograph * Mission Of Burma
08.) Free Arthur Lee * The Make Up
09.) 1 2 X U * Minor Threat
10.) Anyone Else But You * The Moldy Peaches
11.) Maximum Radiation Level * Man… Or Astro-Man?
12.) Come In Alone * My Bloody Valentine
13.) Motorbreath * Metallica
14.) Sweet Willy Rollbar * Melvins
15.) Where Is Our Reason? * My Dad Is Dead
16.) Sferic Waves * Man… Or Astro-Man?
17.) Burn It Clean * Mudhoney
18.) Dumb Little Band * The Mr. T Experience
19.) Maybe Partying Will Help * Minutemen
20.) Stanley Kubrick * Mogwai

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