Early Fall: A Bunch Of Stuff I Wanted To Hear

3003186Early Fall: A Bunch Of Stuff I Wanted To Hear
(This week I’m just feeling like listening to a bunch of stuff I like.  So you get to do it, too.)

Playlist & Footnotes: http://anywhereanywhen.com/2015/11/3

Every year after the annual Halloween Spooktacular, I tend to feel a little drained, and have little energy for the other projects I’d like to move on to in November.  So rather than work out a theme show, or continue some of the other projects that was on to before October, this week I’m just playing tunes.  Songs I like, songs that are in my head, and songs that remind me of stuff that’s going on these days.  Early Fall: A Bunch Of Stuff I Wanted To Hear.  What’s not to love?

I did mention in the program that you should keep listening to the Halloween Podcast feed, but if you wanted to check out the blog, you should point your browser to: acronyminc.org.  (And, if you wanted to access the October Only posts, click that link instead.)  I would also recommend that you pick up a copy of my Halloween Spoken Word album, The Ways of Ghosts., which I’m quite proud of, and which should be quite enjoyable to you during other scary times of the year, namely at night, or in November.

This episode was recorded in a dismantled version of my studio, and therefore, does not live up to the usual sound quality that I would like to provide for most shows.  However, I’m being hard on myself, as it isn’t that poor quality-wise, and really, the show is about the music, and that’s what matters.  The studio will, hopefully, but up and running next week, and back to our regular matters at hand.

This one should get turned up a bit.  Just a smidge, really.



Early Fall: A Bunch Of Stuff I Wanted To Hear

Side A: Why We Are Lazy

01.) Signal Processor Failure / Why We Are Lazy * Men’s Recovery Project * The Golden Triumph of Naked Hostility
02.) Sex Euro And Elvis Pop * Messer Chups * Crazy Price
03.) Jump Into The Fire * Harry Nilsson * Nilsson Schmilsson
04.) Baby’s Got A Problem * My Dad Is Dead * Let’s Skip The Details
05.) Electric Coke * Haute Retarde * Haute Retarde
06.) The Light of The Stars Come Through Me * Space G ambus Experiment * Into The Light
07.) Early Fall * ARU * Consumed

Side B: These Weeks

08.) Night Vision * Sex Crime * 7”
09.) Sleep Dep Kid * The Nervous * Entry Level EP
10.) These Weeks * Bacon Ray * The Swab
11.) Til Death Do Us Part * MX-80 * Bit Hits
12.) Shit From An Old Notebook * Minutemen * Double Nickles On The Dime
13.) The Fourteen Home * Neckties Make Me Nervous * 7”
14.) I Turned Into A Martian * Misfits
15.) Removed / Towers * Xiphoid Process * The Shindig Shakedown
16.) Through Fire * Tecumseh * Seven
17.) Charge! * The Camelots * Lux And Ivy’s Favorites Vol. 13
18.) Encompass * Men’s Recovery Project * Frank Talk About Humans.

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