Confusion Among A Fleet Of Taxicabs Upon Meeting With A Fare

Cabby Radio
Cabby Radio

Confusion Among A Fleet Of Taxicabs Upon Meeting With A Fare
(Originally broadcast on 20 July 2004 on KPSU.)

Playlist & Footnotes:

This very early show has been recreated, using cassette recordings and other 2004 recordings of KPSU commercials to fill out the five missing minutes from the original broadcast.  In these days, I would turn the tapes over during ad breaks, to make sure I didn’t miss any of the “show.”  This is most like what the program was to listeners in 2004.  At this time, our program was on the air from 4 – 6 P.M.


Confusion Among A Fleet of Taxicabs Upon Meeting With A Fare:

Hour 1

Part I.

01.) Confusion Among A Fleet Of Taxicabs Upon Meeting With A Fare * The Metropole Orchestra conducted by Jan Stulen
02.) Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio? * The Ramones
03.) Same Old Thing (Live) * The Wipers
04.) White Nigger * The Avengers
05.) Blank Generation * Richard Hell & The Voidoids
06.) A Hole In The Wallet * Gang Of Four
07.) The Enthusiast * Mission Of Burma

Part II.

08.) 50,000 Spaceships (Watching Over Me) * Groovie Ghoulies
09.) James K. Polk * They Might Be Giants
10.) Take All The Time You Need * The Mr. T Experience
11.) This Is Our Emergency * Pretty Girls Make Graves
12.) Give Me The Message * The Neoboys
13.) I Wonder * The Willowz
14.) Nothing Came Out * Moldy Peaches
15.) Portland * The Soviettes
16.) Dawning Of The Dead * Dead Moon
17.) Jett Beer * Guitar Wolf
18.) Crash! Crash! * The Agenda!
19.) Your Mantal Disguised As A Psychic Sasquatch * The Locust
20.) Phantasmagoria * Melt-Banana
21.) Shield for your eyes, a Beast in the well on your hang (Excerpt) * Melt-Banana

Hour 2

Part III.

22.) The Legend Of Zelda Opening Credits Music
23.) Mistakes & Regrets * …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
24.) Bees Make Honey * Nice Nice
25.) Anarchist Bookstore Part 1 * MC Paul Barman
26.) Edge Of The World * Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
27.) Gibberish * Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
28.) Last Caress * Papa M

Part IV.

29.) Paper Cup Exit * Sonic Youth
30.) The Bunnies Are Tough * Kinski
31.) Everest * Ratatat
32.) Wig In A Box * The Polyphonic Spree
33.) Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood And Brush * Gary Roberts & The Satellites
34.) Come To Daddy * The Dillinger Escape Plan w/ Mike Patton
35.) Rotgut * Tomahawk
36.) Anarchist Bookstore Part II * MC Paul Barman
37.) Stick ‘Em * Dabney Coleman Knife Fight

KPSU Playlist

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