Nailed It.

Dead Center
Dead Center

Nailed It.
(Featuring a review of the The Holiday Episode of Bullseye With Jesse Thorn.)

I was introduced to The Sound of Young America a few years ago, and immediately became obsessed with what Jesse Thorn was able to create out of a college radio show.  Somehow, I related.  This was another case of being quite late to the game; whenever I would tell people about his show, people would say, “Yeah, I know.  Have you heard Bullseye?”

So, I started listening, and have become quite a fan of the entire network of shows.  And while I would never presume that I need to introduce you to his program, with the holidays, I think it is possible to completely miss their fantastic Holiday Episode that was produced this year.

Consider this my loving tribute to a perfect episode of a podcast.



Nailed It.

01.) Huddle Formation * The Go! Team * Thunder, Lightning, Strike * Memphis Industries.
02.) The Week Between * Jonathan Coulton & John Roderick * One Christmas At A Time * Self-Released

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