Christmas In The Stars

A-2l0IwCMAAGF-NChristmas In The Stars

(Phase I Episode 026)

In this early KPSU show, what you get here is your average show from this period (heavy on the punk music) with occasional additions from the amazing Christmas In The Stars album, a fave at KPSU.  I had just found it, and felt the need to inflict it upon the listeners.  Other than that, it’s an average show.

I did include some other holiday-ish tunes, but this is merely a music show.  But it works perfect this time of year, as the annoying is only occasional, and the bulk of what you hear is just straight up music.  It’s the kind of holiday show I would like if other stations didn’t just cave in and play only holiday stuff.

So, nothing fancy.  Just more music from Blasphuphmus Radio.  (This show was originally on from 4 P.M. – 6 P.M.)


Christmas In The Stars

01.) Theme * Descendants
02.) Christmas Rush * Dead Moon
03.) Breathless * X
04.) Art-I-Ficial * X-Ray Spex
05.) Waste Of Time * Fastbacks
06.) Love American Style * Mr. T Experience
07.) I Just Want Some Skank / Beverly Hills * Circle Jerks
08.) Pig In A Blanket * Rudimentary Peni
09.) Sounds Of Laughter * T.S.O.L.
10.) I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement * The Ramones
11.) Cheap Tragedies * Avengers
12.) Christmas In The Stars * C-3PO & R2D2
13.) Round ‘n’ Round * Germs
14.) Blow Up * The Dils
15.) White Minority * Black Flag
16.) [R]evoluntion In Rock * M.D.C.
17.) Books Bout UFOs * Hüsker Dü
18.) Legacy * Dicks
19.) Tony Gets Wasted In Pedro * Minutemen
20.) New Rose * The Damned
21.) Attitude * Bad Brains
22.) [I’m] Stranded * The Saints
23.) The Grinch * Caveman Shoestore
24.) The Odds Against Christmas * C-3PO & R2D2
25.) Baby Baby * The Vibrators
26.) I Can’t Hardly Stand It * The Cramps
27.) Gary Gilmore’s Eyes * The Adverts
28.) I Believe I’ll Have Another Beer * Fear
29.) Happy Holidays * Smegma
30.) 12XU * Wire
31.) What Do I Get? * Buzzcocks
32.) Fight It * Pennywise
33.) Love Comes In Spurts [Live] * Richard Hell
34.) Hopeless Romantic * The Bouncing Souls
35.) You Got A Brain [Use Is] * The Fartz
36.) This Way Out * Rocket From The Crypt
37.) Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas * No-L
38.) Come On Down * Juanita Family & Friends
39.) Achin’ To Be * Pinhead Gunpowder
40.) Telepathic Love * Wipers
41.) That Gum You Like is Back in Style * Camper Van Beethoven
42.) Pond Song * Dinosaur Jr.
43.) Merry Merry Christmas * C-3PO & R2D2

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