The Post-Christmas, Pre-New Years Blues

The Winter SadsThe Post-Christmas, Pre-New Years Blues

(KWVA Episode 38)

At this time, our program was on from 4 A.M. – 6 A.M on KWVA 98.1 FM in Eugene, OR.  Holden Craft was in studio, providing banter and selections.  Shows with him were always of a much different tone than with other guests (or even solo).  Holden has a very specific sense of humor that I allowed him to explore on the show, and he became a very popular part of the routine.  In this episode, he prepares one of his very first News Broadcasts, another bit that threatened to take over the entire show later on.  This holiday program is part of the “New Year Dawning” series, and I enjoy listening to again every Year.  Also of note: we mention Tonya, one of our listeners who always got up early to do homework, and would listen to us as she was studying.  Later she became a ‘zine subscriber, too.  (See “The Taco Bell Chihuahua” episode.)



Playlist (No Commercials)

Hour 1 (35 Minutes?)

01.) KWVA ID

02.) Living In These Star Wars * The Rebel Force Band

03.) Doing The Show Using The Force * Austin Rich & Holden Craft

04.) Death Pact * Poison Idea
05.) White Minority * Black Flag
06.) Luv Luv Luv * Pansy Division
07.) Bricks * Crimpshrine

08.) Doing A White Shoutout * Austin Rich & Holden Craft

09.) Heroin * Velvet Underground
10.) Lalo Bossa Nova * Quincy Jones
11.) Vampiro * Satan’s Pilgrims
12.) Sheena Was A Punk Rocker * Phantom Surfers

13.) Steven’s Last Night In Town * Ben Folds Five
14.) Idiot’s Rule * The Fartz
15.) Shanghi Surprise * The Rondelles
16.) We’re Running Over * Royal Grand Prix


Hour 2 (51 MInutes?)

17.) KWVA ID Blah Blah * Austin Rich & Holden Craft

18.) No Time For Learning * Union 13
19.) National Sports Association Hires Retired English Professor to Name New Wrestling Holds * Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo
20.) Giveaway Pile * Frumpies
21.) Oh, Good Grief Effects * Vince Guarldi & Austin Rich
22.) Nice Shot Man – Luni Tuned * Filter
23.) Oh My Dear (Falling In Love) * Ween

24.) The News * Holden Craft (Theme Music: “Vertigogo” by Combustible Edison)

25.) 1:00 / Erotomatica * Servotron)
26.) La Mer (Beyond The Sea) * Bobby Darin
27.) I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone * Sleater-Kinny
28.) Okinowa Rasta Beef * The Boredoms
29.) Better Off Dead * Wipers
30.) Fitter Happier * Radiohead
31.) How Do You Afford Your Rock And Roll Lifestyle? * Cake
32.) Monobrow * The Rapemen

33.) You Know The Drill * Austin Rich & Holden Craft

34.) Prove My Love * Violent Femmes

35.) KWVA Legal ID

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