Somewhere In-Between: A Radio ‘Zine: Issue #21: Some Thanksgiving Leftovers

Somewhere In-Between: A Radio Zine Issue #21: Some Thanksgiving Leftovers

Written & Performed by Austin Rich.

Issue #21, produced in November of 2020, featuring fatting stories like, “New Traditions,” &, “#NaNoWriMo” 


Musical Selections (usually in excerpt):

Everybody Eats When They Come To My House * Cab Calloway * Frantic In The Atlantic * Prism Leisure Corporation (1987)

Paperback Writer * The B-52s * Paperback Writer * Astralwerks (2020)

Keeping Things Small For The Holidays: 3″ of Pure Pleasure (#212)

Keeping Things Small For The Holidays: 3″ of Pure Pleasure (#212)

Since big things are frowned upon this Thanksgiving, we are relying on a much smaller form of entertainment to keep in step with the need this year. All 3″ discs are on the menu.



Keeping Things Small For The Holidays: 3″ of Pure Pleasure

Part I: Blood of the Land

01.) Blood of the Land * Daniel Menche * Blood of the Land * ferns_rhizome (2010)

Part II: Childhood And Sudden Memories

02.) 1031 * endometrium cuntplow * endometrium cuntplow / dogprodz split * Love Torture Records (2009)
03.) Childhood And Sudden Memories * Boar * endometrium cuntplow / boar split * Love Torture Records (2009)
04.) unsustainable growth * Chefkirk + Carl Kruger * designer consciousness * bicephalic records (2018)
05.) 34275 * dogprodz * endometrium cuntplow / dogprodz split * Love Torture Records (2009)

Part III: Object Lesssening

06.) Human vs. Mechanical Turtle Part IV * DJ EmbryonicPetitSac * Sac + Tinklepotty * Sweat Band Records (2012)
07.) Impact Melt Pools * Styrofoam Sanchez * Crank Sturgeon / Styrofoam Sanchez Split * Lewcid Joosebox Recordings
08.) [untitled] * JUICE MACHINE * [peach dot sticker] * Self-Released
09.) Object Lessening * Crank Sturgeon * Crank Sturgeon / Styrofoam Sanchez Split * Lewcid Joosebox Recordings
10.) Mantra No.55 [Excerpt] * Durastatic * Mantra No.55 * Self-Released

Part IV: Dimestore Radio Theater

11.) The Strange Death of Van Dorn * The Adventures of Rocky Jordan * 13 November 1949

Somewhere In-Between: A Radio Zine: Issue #20: Autumnal Celebrations

Somewhere In-Between: A Radio Zine: Issue #20: Autumnal Celebrations

Written & Performed by Austin Rich.

Issue #20, produced in November of 2020, featuring tasty audio treats, a la, “Learning To Love The Fall,” “On Thanksgiving Day,” &, “Other November Holidays.” 


Musical Selections (usually in excerpt):

Look Around, Look Around * Kay Lande & Wade Denning * Fun In Fall * Golden Records (1969)

Fight Music Cue * CBS Paramount * Star Trek: Music From The Original Television Soundtracks * CBS Paramount International Television (1993)

Twilight In Turkey * Raymond Scott * Reckless Nights & Turkish Twilights * Columbia Records (1992)

Thanksgiving Day * Kay Lande & Wade Denning * Fun In Fall * Golden Records (1969)

Food Food Food * Harry Nillson * Popeye: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack * The Boardwalk Entertainment (1980)

Preparing For The Holidays (#176)

Preparing For The Holidays (#176)

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, and of course, I’m busy and hell, trying to get everything ready for the next few months. There’s tons going on, and we always feel like we’re behind. Are we ready for all of this? I hope so.

To that end: I break in the new home-studio, and play a bunch of new ./ old stuff that has been on my mind. There’s a drone mash-up, a noise mash-up, and an old-fashioned DJ set, plus all sorts of Mini-Mutations, too. It’s a fun show, and I hope you enjoy it too.

Don’t let the family get to you too much. Enjoy this podcast for a spell, and get your mind off the holiday season.





Preparing For The Holidays

(Tonight’s program features samples from the films, “How To Be Well Groomed,” from 1949 and, “Control Your Emotions,” from 1950.)


Part I: Run, Turkey, Run!

01. ) Stand Up Lazarus * Bruce Haack * Farad: The Electric Voice * Stone’s Throw (2010)
02.) Side A * LA Lungs * Rrest * Debacle Recors (2014)
03.) Last Instar * Brown * Leipodtera * Anarchy Moon Records (2010)
04.) Ectoplasm * Sir Richard Bishop * Gravitron Polarity Generator * Social Music Record And Tape Club of Portland, OR (2010)
05.) Who Is Tyler Durden? * The Dust Brothers * Fight Club: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack * Restless Records (1994)
06.) Five Turkeys * Kay Lande & Wade Denning * Fun In The Fall * Golden Records (1969)

Part II: Normal Man

07.) Hallo Gallo * Neu! * Neu! * Grönland Records (1972)
08.) Recorded Syntax * June of 44 * Anahata * Quarterstick Records (1999)
09.) Relics * False Figure * False Figure EP * Last Hour / Near Dark Records (2018)
10.) Atmosphere * Puppies * Mechanical Beat b/w Atmosphere 7″ * Stiff Records (1981)
11.) Normal Man * Men’s Recovery Project * Normal Man EP * Gravity Records (1995)
12.) Paranoimia * The Art of Noise w/ Max Headroom * Paranoimia b/w Why Me? 7″ * Chrysalis Records (1986)


Part III: Food

13.) Buffalo Hump * Guyve * Delaying The Inevitable * Guyve Records (2012)
14.) The Dust Blows Forward ‘n The Dust Blows Back… * Walls of Genius * Crazed To The Core * Walls of Genius (1984)
15.) Standing Above The Copulated * Blood of Chhinnamastika * Unholy Visions of The Divine * The Pet Goat (2019)
16.) As The Legions March Along The Wide Easy Path I Try For and Yearn For The Light * Parousia * Parousia * Parousia (2019)
17.) Mic That She On The Fla * Petit Sac * Petit Sac / Wastelands Split * Sweat Band / Rah-Rah Records (2015)
18.) Food * Nicole Panter * The Story Lady * Kill Rock Stars (1996)
19.) Hatchling (Leg Birth In Bright Yellow And Green) * Endometrium Cuntplow * With Feathers Made From Flesh, She Floated Away Gently * Blistered Mind (2019)

Part IV: Ramblin’ 

20.) Ramblin’ * Ornette Coleman * The Best of Ornette Coleman * Atlantic Records (1970)
21.) The Calamityville Horror * The Ether Creeps * The Ether Creeps / Petit Sac Split Tape * Sweat Band Records (2018)
22.) Thanksgiving Song * Kay Lande & Wade Denning * Fun In The Fall * Golden Records (1969)

(Live) Thanksgiving Leftovers (#125)

(Live) Thanksgiving Leftovers (#125)

With the eating feast behind us, we are well and truly into the holiday season. You’re probably sick of turkey and celebrating. You want something else.

Maybe some live music and recipes?




(Live) Thanksgiving Leftovers (#125)

This broadcast contains samples from various videos made by The Art Assignment, an “art & cooking” show from PBS Digital Studios. Specifically, I used the episodes, “Salvador Dali,” “Frida Kahlo,” “Futurist Meat Sculpture” and “Do Not Try to Eat This.”



01.) Live * Don Haugen * Live * 21 October 2018
02.) Live * nOiZepHyZiX * Live * 19 October 2018


03.) Live [Excerpt] * Mark Hosler * Live * 20 October 2018


04.) Live [Excerpt] * Blevim Blectum * Live * 30 October 2018
05.) Live * Blood Rhythms * Live * 30 October 2018



06.) Live Mash-Up * Mini-Mutations * Live * Mid-Valley Mutations

The CHEFKIRK Thanksgiving Special (#124)

The CHEFKIRK Thanksgiving Special (#124)

This show was supposed to be dedicated to a live CHEFKIRK performance, just in time for the holiday. But car problems prevented this from being so.

Instead, I performed a last minute “radio broadcast” from The Lava Lamp Lounge. You can see and hear the results of this here.

Lots of great music, a couple hours of live music, and you get to see how the sausage is made.



The CHEFKIRK Thanksgiving Special

Pre-Game Show

01.) Enviornments Set-Up * Mini-Mutations * Live * 16 November 2018 (0:45:53)

Part I: Ouija Board

02.) Introduction * Mini-Mutations * Live * 16 November 2018  (0:12:31)
03.) Ouija Board * Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble * Taxidermy Frogs Copulating * Butte County Free Music Society (0:07:51)
04.) ILB’AL * John M. Bennett * Electronic Cottage Compilation 004 * (0:01:38)
05.) The Ride * Talvé * Switched-On Eugene * The Numero Group (0:03:14)
06.) Ehecatl * Brad Anderson * Krackwerk * Self-Released (0:04:17)

Part II: No Such Thing As A Party

07.) Segue * Mini-Mutations * Live * 16 November 2018 (0:05:09)
08.) Live * CHEFKIRK * Live At The Eugene Noisefest * 18 August 2018  (0:14:35)
09.) Segue * Mini-Mutations * Live * 16 November 2018 (0:01:52)
10.) Analytic on the Unit Disc * Jocko Homomorphism * A Notational Distinction + Soundcloud Goodies * Self-Released (0:03:02)
11.) No Such Thing As A Party * Ryan A. Ray & The Blue Faces * Ryan A. Ray & The Blue Faces * Self-Released (0:04:12)
12.) It’s A Drab * Thollem / Clouser / Chase * Dub Narcotic Session Vol. II * Personal Archives (0:12:46)

Part III: Live DIVA

13.) Segue * Mini-Mutations * Live * 16 November 2018 (0:05:18)
14.) Live * CHEFKIRK * Live At The DIVA * 29 September 2010  (0:07:35)

Part IV: Jammmmmmmmmmmmmmm

15.) Improvised Jam * Mini-Mutations * Live * 16 November 2018 (0:23:10)
16.) Enviornments Tear-Down * Mini-Mutations * Live * 16 November 2018 (0:32:01)

A Very Brautigan Thanksgiving (#27)

richard-brautiganA Very Brautigan Thanksgiving (#27)

(Retrocast on 23 November 2017.)

This year has been incredible, and in the half-year that I’ve been on the air at KMUZ, I’ve already had some stand-out shows that make me very happy.  Live guests, interviews,  great audio essays, and plenty of new music that really paints a vivid picture of what’s going on, what has gone on, and what lies ahead.  I like to consider my show a little bit of this, and little bit of that, and a whole lot of enthusiasm, and I’ve been lucky to have all three on the program, and not even after a full year.  Not many shows can say that.

However, with the end of the year setting in, I needed a bit of a break.  This is sort of a clean-up show, where I am finally playing some stuff that I’ve been meaning to get to all year.  (Sort of the “leftovers,” if you will.)  It has been a bit of a tradition, on previous incarnations of the program, that I do a “leftovers” show just after the holiday.  While this isn’t exactly like that show, it has some of that vibe to it.

Author Richard Brautigan 1968

The centerpiece of this broadcast are a few of my favorite Richard Brautigan recordings.  I’ve been a huge fan of his for years now, and I’ve been trying to find a good way to incorporate these into the show, at some point.  This seemed like the best time and place, and It was certainly a lot of fun to listen to these again.

More importantly this show is a bit of a rocker.  I felt like I was getting back to basics with this one, and it had some of the vibe of the first show I did, back when I started at KMUZ, so there was a nice sort of “full circle” quality to this one.  I will admit, there are quite a few “older” songs in this episode.  But all of this stuff feels relevant to me, and hopefully, to you, too.


Spinitron Playlist

A Very Brautigan Thanksgiving

Part I: Into The Upside Down

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Mope * Blood Rhythms * Heuristics * No Part Of It Records (2016)
03.) Mist Cog * OwL-Dent * Brat House Hospice * (2015)
04.) A Confederate General From Big Sir * Richard Brautigan * Listening To Richard Brautigan * Harvest Records (1970)
05.) [Track 11] * 200 Yang * 200 Yang * Self-Released (1992)
06.) Upside Down * Bruce Haack * Listen Compute Rock Home: The Best of Dimension 5 Records * Emperor Norton (1999)
07.) Lights Out * MX-80 * “So Clear” b/w “Lights Out” * Family Vineyard (2002)
08.) Ralph Spoilsport’s Going Out of Body Sale / The News Drought Continues * Firesign Theater * Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death * Rhino Records (1998)

Part II: Digging Through The Crates

09.) Mirrored Mold * Christmas Decorations * Communal Rust * Community Library (2007)
10.) The Gun And The Bible * Negativland * Free * Seeland Records (1993)
11.) Barbara The Arsonist * Neutered Prunes * I Was A Two-Headed Baby * Self-Released (2002)
12.) Waiting For The Day * The White Shark * Duck, Duck, Chimp (Rarities 1987 – 2001) * “fishanthropy” (2002)
13.) Diplomat Smile * Porest * Modern Journal of Popular Savagery * Nashazphone (2016)
14.) Franklin Street * Sir Richard Bishop * All Strung Out * Self-Released (2005)

Part III: In Watermelon Sugar

15.) All Bad Ends All * The Books * Thought For Food * Tomlab Records (2002)
16.) In Watermelon Sugar * Richard Brautigan * Listening To Richard Brautigan * Harvest Records (1970)
17.) 49er Stomp * 9th Life * 9th Life * Self-Released (1998)
18.) Kamyki * Ewa Braun * Sea Sea * Antena Krzyku (1998)
19.) Dark Lights The Dark * Bishop Of Battle * Prequel Plus * Know Wave Records * (1997)
20.) Short Stories about California [Excerpt] * Richard Brautigan * Listening To Richard Brautigan * Harvest Records (1970)

Author Richard Brautigan 1968

Thanksgiving Special 2015!

riding-turkeyThanksgiving Special 2015!
(As part of our annual Thanksgiving Leftovers celebration, we dig up a pair of Old Time Radio classics for a festive celebration you are guaranteed to enjoy, even without the cranberry sauce.)

Join us for our annual Thanksgiving celebration, where we dig up some leftovers we’ve been meaning to get to.  This year, we’re celebrating with Jimmy Durante and Abbot & Costello, as they deliver vintage comedy that you can binge on when you’re tired of dealing with your family.

The selections come from the collection, “100 OTR Thanksgiving Holiday Shows,” which features an amazing collection of old radio programs of every variety, from the late ’30’s to the mid ’70’s.  Many of the Thanksgiving episodes in those days were guest-star packed “dinners” that were filled with jokes, music, and skits.  In both of the episodes provided today, there are musical interludes and are incredibly funny.

This episode also debuts our new theme song by Paco Jones and family!  Paco has been doing our theme songs for a number of years now, and in each iteration of the program he has given us a style and flavor of music that has really improved the flow of the show.  He is a pretty incredibly filmmaker as well as artist, and you should support his work.

Lastly: we have done these kind of Leftovers shows in the past, and with that in mind, here is a link to all of our Thanksgiving shows.  We’ve had some fun shows in the past, and you should enjoy them, too.

That’s gonna do it for us this week.  See ya soon!



Thanksgiving Special 2015!

Side A: 

01.) The Jimmy Durante Show * CBS * 26 November 1947
02.) Turkey Hop * The Robins

Side B: 

03.) The Abbot & Costello Show * NBC * 25 November 1942
04.) Serenade For A Jive Turkey * Nite Liters

Detective Dexter Roland’s Thanksgiving Day Special!


There Are A Few Things Wrong With This Photo

Detective Dexter Roland’s Thanksgiving Day Special!

Featuring a presentation of:

The Adventures Of Sam Spade, Detective in “The Terrified Turkey Caper” (November 24, 1950)
(Originally podcast 27 November 2014. Retrocast on 24 November 2016 as Mutation #26.2)

Dexter Roland is still Back On The Case, and didn’t have time to really deliver a Thanksgiving Special the way he wanted to.  So instead, he contacted his old friend, Sam Spade, to deliver a Holiday Special with music and stories that is just in time for dinner.  This show was originally broadcast on Thanksgiving in 1950, and contains more holiday wordplay than any hour of anything else you can find in any medium.

It’s just the way we like to spend Thanksgiving.  From our house, to yours.

The character of Sam Spade originates from Dashiell Hammett’s stories and novels, notably as the protagonist of The Maltese Falcon, and a few other stories here and there. Hammett’s other character, merely known as The Continental Op, often became conflated with Spade, and in many forms of media – radio included – The Op’s adventures became those of Spade. Regardless, Hammett only wrote a few stories for Spade, and after the success of Black Mask detective magazine, and the popularity of noir films, Private Eyes of every variety began to make their way to radio. Spade was no exception, who parlayed his few canonical appearances in print into hundreds of radio stories. While there were versions of this character performed by Bogart and others, starting in 1946, Howard Duff played the character, until communist investigations led to both Hammett and Duff being blacklisted. For the remaining radio broadcasts, Steve Dunne played the character, as he did in this episode.

Unlike the character in the novels and films, who was largely seen and clever, sharp-witted, and a dedicated sleuth, the radio version is a much more tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the characters, with puns and wordplay that was less of the noir wisecrack and is much more cheesy.

This episode, “The Terrified Turkey Caper,” was broadcast on Thanksgiving in 1950. Not only had the series been running for four years by this time, but it is clear that with a new actor and every imaginable variation under their belt, this episode is sort of phoned in. The story of a man named Tom Turkey, who was supposed to be killed on Thanksgiving, includes a number in-jokes that tie characters from this story to historic Thanksgiving people and traditions, even if only vaguely (or, in some cases, confusingly). Regardless, it has some entertaining moments, and more to the point, is one of the few radio programs that I could find that even mentions the holiday at all, which gets very little play in the world of narrative radio.



The Terrified Turkey Caper

Part I: A Tasty Chronicle of Fowl Play

01.) Echo Four-Two * Laurie Johnson * Crime Jazz: Music In The First Degree
02.) Design To Kill * James Chance & The Contortions
03.) Where Dead People Live * Sun City Girls * Cameo Demons And Their Manifestations: Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol. 1
04.) Almost Ready * The Normals * Killed By Death Vol. 10
05.) Maybe * The Fastbacks * The Day That Didn’t Exist
06.) Richard Diamond * Pete Rugolo * Crime Jazz: Music In The First Degree

Part II: If I Didn’t Kill The Man Found In My Room, Who Did?

07.) Heaven Is A Truck * Pavement * Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
08.) To Here Knows When * My Bloody Valentine * Loveless
09.) A Good Man Is Hard To Find * Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys * Tiffany Transcripts Vol. 3
10.) Run Away * The Kids * The Kids
11.) Daddy Long Legs * Leith Stevens * Crime Jazz: Music In The First Degree

Even More Thanksgiving Leftovers

Yes, Have Some
Yes, Have Some

Even More Thanksgiving Leftovers
(Originally 24 November 2011)

It has become a bit of a tradition to put on a Thanksgiving show in the last few years, and while I didn’t want to break tradition, I knew I was going to be out of town for this year’s show. Given that I have recently become much more savvy about podcasting, and more to the point now have it in my own total control, this seemed like a good opportunity to be able to record and post a show and not miss a single minute of my holiday vacation. The result is this episode, which I am quite proud out.

I have to admit, which the theme isn’t very new, this one took some searching. Special thanks go out to DJ JustanotherDJ, who not only suggested the “Thank You” idea, but threw a couple of songs my way, too. I would also like to thank the Firesign Theater, for having a comedy routine for every occasion, all the listeners (it is Thanksgiving, after all), and Marla Pemberton, my partner is all things, and who was patient with me while I threw together this show. She is number one on my list of things to be thankful for this year, and she deserves no end of thanks.

But, more than anything, this is an entertainment-oriented show. No big ideas, no grand effects, and no fancy editing. Just songs about food, being thankful, and a little bit of funny to lighten things as we go. What more do you want on this particular grazing holiday?

We should be back to doing live shows again next week. I love each and every one of you. Thanks!

See ya in seven.


Even More Thanksgiving Leftovers

# Title * Artist * Album * Label

01.) Soul Food * American Four * Lost Treasures!: Rarities From the Vaults of Del-Fi * Del-Fi Records
02.) I Thank You * Sam & Dave * The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968 * Stax Records

03.) Thank You * The Remains * The Remains * Epic Records
04.) Thanksgiving, Or Pass The Indian Please! [Excerpt I] * The Firesign Theater * All Things Firesign * Artemis Records
05.) Soul Food * Johnny Rogers * Detroit Soul From The Vaults Volume Two * Goldmine Records
06.) Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again) * Sly & The Family Stone * The Essential Sly & The Family Stone * Epic / Legacy Records

07.) Happy Thanksgiving * The Residents * Demons Dance Alone * Ralph Records
08.) Thank You Boss / Black Feldman #6 * MX-80 * Always Leave ‘Em Wanting Less * Atavistic Records

09.) Meat Balls * Ken Nordine * Ken Nordine Does Robert Shure’s ‘Wink’ * Asphodel Records
10.) 5-Piece Chicken Dinner * The Beastie Boys * Paul’s Boutique * Capitol Records
11.) Undigested Food * Men’s Recovery Project * Immense Ovary Reject EP * Walkabout Records
12.) Great Food Is Cooked By Psychos * Patton Oswalt * Werewolves and Lollipops * Sub Pop Records
13.) I Like Food * The Descendents * Somery * SST Records
14.) I’m So Thankful * The Reigning Sound * Live At Maxwell’s * Telstar Records

15.) Thanksgiving, Or Pass The Indian Please! [Excerpt II] * The Firesign Theater * All Things Firesign * Artemis Records
16.) Thank You [Live] * The Flaming Lips * Finally, The Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid * Restless Records

17.) Lonesome Electric Turkey * Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention * Fillmore East – June 1971 * Bizzare / Reprise Records
18.) Thanks To You * Devo * Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology * Warner Bros. Records
19.) Thank You For The Music * Cornelius * Fantasma * Matador Records
20.) Let’s Talk Turkey * Ima Robot * Ima Robot * Virgin Records
21.) Thanksgiving, Or Pass The Indian Please! [Excerpt III] * The Firesign Theater * All Things Firesign * Artemis Records

22.) Sour Biscuits * Wes Dakus * Forbidden City Dog Food * Vip Vop Records
23.) Turkeyneck Stretch * Grady O’Niel and the Bellatones * The Purple Knif Show * Muster Records
24.) Thank You And Goodnight [Excerpt] * Cathead * Live At The Monkeyhouse 15 April 1995 * Self-Released

Thanksgiving Leftovers w/ DJ Swill! (Remastered)

Care For Some Rock 'n' Roll Pie?
Care For Some Rock ‘n’ Roll Pie?

Thanksgiving Leftovers w/ DJ Swill! (Remastered) 
(Featuring a tag-team DJ set with leftover music that we haven’t had a chance to get to recently.  Originally broadcast 29 November 2010.)

DJ Swill has made a few appearances on our show in the last few years, and when he is on the show, it is most often a Grumpy Punk show.  This particular show is of interest in that this one has never been available to our podcast listeners.  It did go out live, but the recording that was captured was horribly distorted, and was missing a number of songs.  This Remastered Version is an attempt to bring this show back for a different audience.  Better recordings of the music has been found, the voice overs have been cleaned up a little, and everything is present and sequenced the way it should be.  It took a lot of hard work to get this show back from the grave, and hopefully it is worth the effort.

In it, DJ Swill and I made an effort to expand our usual Grumpy Punk aesthetic, and feature areas of our collections that are weirder and further left of center.  Swill got on my case about always pushing Punk Music when we get together, and insisted that he wasn’t a one trick pony when it came to his interests.  As the opening King Crimson song should suggest, we’re exploring other territory with this one.  Hopefully you will enjoy where we go.


Thanksgiving Leftovers w/ DJ Swill

# Track * Artist * Album * Label
01.) Sheltering Sky * King Crimson * Discipline * EG Records
02.) Someone’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight * The Rezillos * Can’t Stand the Rezillos * Warner Bros. / Sire Records
03.) Penguin In Bondage * The Mothers of Invention * Roxy And Elswhere Live * Discreet Records
04.) 2 Forms Of Anger * Brian Eno * Small Craft On A Milk Sea * Opal Records
05.) Crab Louie * Sandabs * Frolic Diner: 18 Wild Instros fer Eatin’ & Strippin’ To! * Romulan Records
06.) I Only Said * My Bloody Valentine * Loveless * Sire Records
07.) Sherlock Holmes * The Sparks * Angst In My Pants * Atlantic Records
08.) Porcelain * The Pretenters * Extended Play * Sire Records
09.) Price of Paradise * Meat Puppets * Our Band Could Be Your Life * Little Brother Records
10.) Hot Cross Buns * Paul Gayton * Frolic Diner: 18 Wild Instros fer Eatin’ & Strippin’ To! * Romulan Records
11.) Instant Karma * Tater Totz * Sgt. Shonen’s Exploding Plastic Eastman Band Request * Gasatanka Records
12.) Sounds of Laughter * T.S.O.L. * Rat Music For Rat People Vol. 1
13.) Hybrid Moments * The Misfits * Legacy Of Brutality * Caroline Records
14.) Institutionalized * Suicidal Tendencies * Suicidal Tendencies
15.) Target * Fugazi * Red Medicine * Disocrd Records
16.) Lucky Acid * Unwound * Want Comp Uno * Wantage USA Records
17.) Tacos * Royaltones * Frolic Diner: 18 Wild Instros fer Eatin’ & Strippin’ To! * Romulan Records
18.) Dog Food * Wes Dakus * Frolic Diner: 18 Wild Instros fer Eatin’ & Strippin’ to! * Romulan Records
19.) Waiting For Butterflies * Corgo Cult * Strange Men Bearing Gifts * Touch & Go Records
20.) ha ha ha * Flipper
21.) Cholo Charlie * Fantômas
22.) You Always Hurt The One You Love * Spike Jones & His City Slickers
23.) Mah-Na-Mah-Na * Piero Umiliani
24.) Have Love Will Travel * The Nomads * The Rebel Kind * Interesting Records
25.) Chop Suey Rock * The Instrumentals * Frolic Diner: 18 Wild Instros fer Eatin’ & Strippin’ to! * Romulan Records
26.) Green Light, Red Light * Plain Wrap * Original Music For A Generic World * Enigma Records
27.) Johnny’s Got A Problem * D.I. * Flipside Fanzine Vol. 2 * Gasatanka Records
28.) Die By The Sword * Slayer * River’s Edge Soundtrack * Enigma Records
29.) The Imposter * Elvis Costello & The Attractions * Concerts For The People of Kampuchea * Atlantic Records
30.) Secret Agent Man * The Plugz * Repo Man (Soundtrack)
31.) Bricklayer * Hüsker Dü * Land Speed Record * New Alliance Records
32.) Tired of Doing Things * Hüsker Dü * Land Speed Record * New Alliance Records
33.) Mohawk Town * The Vandals
34.) Garlic Bread * Gary and Larry
35.) Spot Barnett * Sweetmeats
36.) Swan Lake * Public Image Ltd. * Second Edition
37.) Praying Hands * Clawhammer * Q: Are We Not Men? Dork * Sympathy For The Record Industry
38.) Candle * Sonic Youth * Daydream Nation
39.) Touched * My Bloody Valentine * Loveless * Sire Records
40.) I’ll Be Your Mirror * Rainy Day * Rainy Day * Rough Trade Records

Thanksgiving Leftovers


Thanksgiving Leftovers
(Featuring songs about Turkey, Potatoes, Hiccups, and Food, Food, Food.  Originally broadcast on 28 November 2009. Retrocast on 23 November 2016 as Mutation #26.1)

Join me as I explore an hour of music that I hadn’t gotten a chance to get to this year.  Just after Thanksgiving there are always a number of leftovers lying around; things that you can’t finish in spite of your best efforts.  This show covers that ground just as I was starting to think I would have to throw some stuff out.

Food is most definately on the menu for this one, and for that I would like to thank Isoceles Diego, who not only clued me into a number of the songs played during this show, but has been an inspiration to me for a number of years.  He is the only person to have appeared on every incarnation of this show, as a Guest, DJ, and performer.  While he was not in the studio with me during this one, much of the music was selected by, on inspired by, him.

All this food is making me sleepy. But one more slice of pie can’t hurt, right?

See ya in seven.


Thanksgiving Leftovers

Part I:
01.) Twilight In Turkey * Raymond Scott * Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilight’s
02.) Food Food Food * Harry Nilsson * Popeye Original Soundtrack
03.) Everybody Eats When They Come To My House * Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
04.) Wild Bill Hiccup * Spike Jones
05.) Turkey Hop * The Robins

Part II:
06.) Wild Turkeys
07.) The Origin Of Turkeys [Part I] * Robert Krulwich * NPR News
08.) Serenade For A Jive Turkey * The Nightlighters
09.) Lonesome Electric Turkey * Frank Zappa & The Mother’s Of Invention
10.) A Turkey Named Brotherhood * KARP * “A Turkey Named Brotherhood” b/w “I’d Rather Be Clogging” * Punk In My Vitamins Records
11.) The Turkey Doctor * The Fantomas Melvins Big Band * Millennium Monsterwork
12.) Buzzard Pie (Dig This Boogie) * Rudy Green Orchestra
13.) The Best Thanksgiving Ever / Bitchin’ Camero [Live] * The Dead Milkmen * If I Had A Gun EP * Hollywood Records

Part III:
14.) The Cafeteria
15.) The Origin Of Turkeys [Part II] * Rubert Krulwich * NPR News
16.) Sweet Potato Gravy * Maurice Simon And The Pie Men
17.) Turkey In The Straw * Billy Golden * Edison Record #4011
18.) Candied Yams * The West Siders
19.) My Sweet Potato * Booker T. & The MG’s
20.) All That Meat And No Potatoes * Fats Waller
21.) Mashed Potatoes (Do The) * James Brown

Here Comes A Big Black Cloud, LIVE!

Here Comes A Big Black Cloud
Here Comes A Big Black Cloud

Here Comes A Big Black Cloud, LIVE!

(Live Friday 077)

Here Comes A Big Black Cloud, Guest Hosted by Arya Imig



01.) Notion * Hurah Hurah * Love IP

(Band Performance)

02.) Purple Winos In The Rain * John Callahan * Purple Winos In The Rain
03.) Ignite, Ignite, Goodnight * Holy Ghost Revival * Bleeding Light
04.) Werewolves Of London * Mangolia Electric Co. * Hard To Love A Man

KPSU Playlist