Lavender & Marc Kate, LIVE! (#73a)

Lavender & Marc Kate, LIVE! (#73a)

I am such a lucky radio host, in that there are a ton of groups coming through the area, and experimental music – in almost every form – is really beginning to get some notice in a way that is impressive, and very fun to watch. And, some weeks, I have a wealth of material at my fingertips to play, and it feels like there is just too much for even a two-hour show.

So, this week, in an unprecedented move, I’m including a nearly two-hour bonus episode as a companion piece to our regular show this week. Podcast only, of course, as we only get the two hours of broadcast time, but in this show, you get to hear so much incredible stuff, it is well worth your digestion.

In our regular program, we heard short performances by Lavender and Marc Kate, with a truncated interview between them. But this was only 30 minutes of the 90 minutes we recorded, included to full set performances by each group, and a 30 minute interview, too. While it was great to get such a wealth of material, I just couldn’t fit it all into a show with Kylie Burbank and friends, too. So the 90 minutes of material was winnowed down to a slim 30 on the FM.

Which is a shame, because the full performances (and interview) are a real treat, and we get into some nitty-gritty about making art, using machines, and other bits and bobs that are only available in this extended episode. If you heard the primary show this week, then there is an hour of Lavender and Marc Kate that you have not yet heard.

And, as a bonus, I’m including a Halloween installment of Dimestore Radio Theater, too. This time from Richard Diamond, giving us a spooky treat that is just perfect for this kind of broadcast.

Both Lavender and Marc Kate are consummate performers, and you owe it to yourself to dig into what they can do when they are at their best. And, even better, this stuff can only be heard here. How cool is that?



Lavender & Marc Kate, LIVE!

Part I: Introduction

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)

Part II: All The Way From France

03.) Live * Lavender * Live * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part III: Getting Down To It

04.) Interview * Lavender & Marc Kate * 19 October 2017 * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part IV: Today Never Knows

04.) Live * Marc Kate * Live * Mid-Valley Mutations (2017)

Part V: Outro

Part VI: Dimestore Radio Theater Presents!

04.) The House of Mystery Case * Richard Diamond, Private Detective * 10 December 1949 * NBC Radio (1949)

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