It Looks Like Thousands Of Stars

It's Looks Like Thousands Of Stars
It’s Looks Like Thousands Of Stars

It Looks Like Thousands Of Stars

Playlist & Footnotes:

Based largely on a Negativland recording, and a mix CD I made for a friend of mine years ago, I present a time-traveling epic that includes me from several points in the timestream, and lots of excellent music.  Enjoy!


It Looks Like Thousands Of Stars

01.) Over The Edge Edit I
02.) Blasphuphmus Radio 29 April1998 Edit
03.) Polykacz Wezy * Ewa Brawn

04.) Over The Edge Edit II
05.) Burnsome * The Ex * Dizzy Spells

06.) Over The Edge Edit III / “Something Happening Somewhere” * KWVA Staff * 29 April1998 Edit II
07.) My Man Friday / Howland Island * Over The Edge Edit III
08.) Blasphuphmus Radio 15 April 1998 Edit
09.) Jazz Horse * Replikants
10.) The Quantum Edge * Over The Edge Edit III

11.) Over The Edge Edit IV
12.) Deseret * The Cosmos Group
13.) Austin’s Mertz Commercial * Blasphuphmus Radio 29 April1998 Edit

14.) Vanity Fair * Mr. Bungle
15.) Blasphuphmus Radio 13 May 1998 Edit
16.) Over The Edge Edit V

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