The Restoration

Cleansing Fire
Cleansing Fire

The Restoration
(Featuring a selection of new-ish things that I’m really grooving on these days, coupled with some old-fashioned audio-essay collages.  Originally podcast on 14 May 2013.)

Playlist & Footnotes:

With all that has been happening here in the Lava Lamp Lounge (as part of our 15th Anniversary), there has been little time to produce an old-fashioned radio show, the kind the OG Blasphuphmites used to make in olden times.  (Somewhere around 1991.)  But I promise, we have been brewing up some cool things for you, and this will continue over the summer, as fun stuff that is only in the theoretical stages at this point begin to solidify.  In the meantime, I decided to turn down the lights, put on the headphones, and kick out the jams, motherfuckers.

Consisting mostly of new-ish-er stuff that I’ve been grooving on lately, this show is in three parts.  “Ham On Rye” consisted of a collage I threw together, to feature some experimental artists I’ve been getting off on lately.  It had been a while since I did a “smaller” collage like this, and I really had a good time with it.  Hopefully, you’re down as well.  Part II is definately a more “punk” set, and I was really stoked to feature all of these bands, most of which have been on the show, will be on the show, or are friends of the show.  There’s also a mini-collage during the Sweat Lodge track, which I’m rather fond of.  Part III is where I get a little political, but also just throw some Russian Satanic Metal.  Ya know, for fun.

There are so many cool things happening in the next few months, I hardly have time to mention them all.  Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Lost In The Supermarket, our digital compilation that we released at the Blas-Travaganza.  Speaking of: there are some cool things being developed from the media we captured that weekend.  Our next scheduled live broadcast will be happening from NoFest 6 in August, so mark the date, and DO NOT forget to tune in the Saturday, starting at Noon at going until 8 PM, where myself, Johnathon Boober (of Please Remain Seated) and Miss Rikki will be hosting Gaytheist, Sweat Lodge, and No Bone, in addition to a number of DJ sets and other madness.  It will rule, and you will love it.

I’m really proud of this show, so I will now let it speak for itself.



The Restoration

Part I: Ham On Rye
01.) Second Time Around * Blue Cheer * Vincebus Eruptum
02.) The Uncomfortable Comfortable * Overdose The Katatonic * Absolute Insult
03.) From Ham On Rye (1982) * Charles Bukowski * Uncensored: From The Run With The Hunted Session
04.) Part Four * Death Pact Jass Ensemble * Absolute Insult
05.) Moth To A Flame [Excerpt] * Holy Filament * Year One
06.) Plague of Madness * Moth Hunter * Dust

Part II: Uncool
07.) And Giraffe, Natural Enemies [Excerpt] * OXES * OXES
08.) The Restoration * Gaytheist * Hold Me… But Not So Tight
09.) Protest Protest * /root_DIR * /root_DIR
10.) Weed: It’s Just Like Jesus But Better Because It’s Real * The Thrash-Key Kids * Free Abortions
11.) Circus * Sweat Lodge * Cassette Demo
12.) Uncool * Del Close & John Brent * How to Speak Hip

Part III: Don’t Play With Guns
13.) Autumn Set [Excerpt] * The Black Noise Orchestra * Autumn Set
14.) Interview Excerpts * Ted Nugent & Piers Morgan * 5 February 2013
15.) Don’t Play With Guns * The Black Angels * Indigo Meadow
16.) Люцифер (Lucifer) * Коррозия Металла * Орден Сатаны (Order of Satan)
17.) Side Effects of Being Tired * Unwound * Live In London 12″

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