There Was No Time Before Rocket 88

rocket-88-geoff-strehlowThere Was No Time Before Rocket 88

(Today’s program is supported by The Minnesota Public Cheese Sanitation Committee.)

Playlist & Footnotes:


Part I:

Rocket 88 * Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats * The Roots Of Rock ‘N’ Roll
The Coin Toss.
“I get PAID to do this?”
Money Money * Avengers * Avengers
Everything’s Arbitrary!
“Wait, I’m not that old!”
The Carbon Dating Game!
Mr. & Mrs. Nuclear * They Might Be Giants * McSweeney’s Music CD – Issue #6
This Is The Beginning! (No It’s Not!)
The All Semaphore Episode.
“Flags On The Brain.”
Gimme The Message * Neoboys * History of Portland Punk Vol. 1
“The Misses That Keep On Hitting.”
The Catch Phrase Disaster of ‘14
“I Should Have Been Coming Up With Catch Phrases The Whole Time, My God!”
You Were Wrong * Built To Spill * Keep It Like A Secret
“My Got, It’s Full of Stars.”
The Nicki Minaj Broadcast System
The Creep * Bob Luman * Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Volume Fifteen
Theoretical Track One Syndrome, Not Actual Track One Syndrome
#1 Hit Song * Minutemen * Double Nickels On The Dime
“Are we playing Mousetrap again?”
The Dropping Names Shtick from Four Weeks Ago.
A Really Bad Bit.
Beastly Bit * Pinhead Gunpowder * Jump Salty

Today’s Program Was Also Underwritten by:
Us Plus: Zeroes and Ones
Unconscious Village: Last Days Sale
Trippple Ripppoff

Special Thanks to The Firesign Theater for Commercial Transcription from their album, “Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death

Part II:

More beginnings.
“The Best of Intentions.”
School Is Hard
“Everything Is Still In The Future.”
Journey To The Center of The Mind * The Amboy Dukes * Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968
A Fresh Carton of Eggs.
Little Black Egg * The Marquis * McKenzie Studio – Columbus, OH.
“The Irony of Real Life.”
Thank You, And Good Night * Cathead * Live At The Monkeyhouse 15 April 1995
“Their Story Just Goes On.”
Life Ends * Buzz * Messthetics #103
Six Seasons & A Movie!
“The Incompleteness of Real Life.”
Boyhood Homework.
“We have so much in common. Oh, I saw that movie, now we don’t have anything in common.”
Growin’ Up American * The Colors * Killed By Death Vol. 20
Relationships end over Steely Dan.
Our dead cohost, Chet, erased from space and time.
Remember * Nomeansno * Mr. Right & Mr. Wrong
The Break-Up.
“My Excuse For Everything For Now Until The End Of Time.”
A Storage Locker Business Model (Failed)
Hugo’s Watching Everything.
Cutthroat Business * The Limit Club * This Is Cutthroat Business
Radio is Too Unfeasible.
Does our podcast pass the Turing Test?
Computer Dating * Theoretical Girls * Theoretical Record
Our Theoretical Podcasts’ Future Career.
The Future Is Already Written

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