Teenage Riot


Teenage Riot
(Originally broadcast on 27 June 2007 on KPSU.)

Playlist & Footnotes: http://anywhereanywhen.com/2015/04/28/rock

This entire show is dedicated to Megan, stuck in traffic.  Another DJ Set.  6 – 7 PM.


Teenage Riot

01.) Teenage Riot * Sonic Youth

02.) Fondate Paure * Ennio Morricone
03.) Eyes In Disguise * Danava

04.) Soft Temple * Grails
05.) Gör Det Nu * Dungen
06.) One Year On * The Boggs
07.) Elfish Power * AIDS Wolf Vs. Athletic
08.) Mildew * Fat Worm of Error

09.) Strawberry Phlegm Salad * Otto Von Schirach
10.) The Hand That Rocks The Cradle * Hella
11.) Fa La Fa Lee * Sparks

14.) Phillys’ Fridge * Evolutionary Jass Band

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