What’s This Called? (13 April 2019)

What’s This Called? (13 April 2019)

I’ve had a long relationship with Ricardo Wang and his program, “What’s This Called?” and it always feels good to be involved with his show. But this is the very first time that I’ve “performed” on his show like this. I mean, we did one collaboration which you can hear here, but that was well before things began to Mutate as they do these days. But playing a double-header like this – with Office Products, live on the radio – was pretty cool, and felt like a big accomplishment. Here’s the entire show, with both of our performances and other DJ bit in-between.

How cool was this?

This was a live broadcast on KFFP-FM.



The Ricardo Wang Interview (#3)

13407210_1297384116969154_6239752255135934402_nThe Ricardo Wang Interview (#3)

I remember the day I met Ricardo Wang for the first time: August 2nd, 2005.  He had begun to make inroads at KPSU – where I was Program Director at the time – and he was beginning
his training.  He sat in with me one afternoon, after having listened to the show for a few weeks, which really impressed me.  (Here was someone who actually listened to radio, and appreciated all the weird shit I was playing every week).  He brought in and gave me a collection of psychedelic rock songs that were all great and out of this world, a disc that I still have and listen to regularly.

A few weeks later we had him on at 12 Noon on Saturday’s, and What’s This Called? has been on KPSU at that time ever since, where we have worked together producing countless episodes of experimental radio, hosting live music, and talking endlessly about recordings… over and over again.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Ricardo has also been involved in organizing the Olympia Experimental Music Festival since it first started, is a mover and shaker in the Portland music scene, and has 30+ years of stories to tell when it comes to living and working in this world.

For today’s mutation, we spend an hour with the elusive and compelling radio personality that is Ricardo Wang, and we get down to what really matters when it comes to art and radio.  The world of broadcasting is full of characters that you will not find anywhere else – even at your average radio station – and even among these people, Ricardo is unlike anyone you’ve ever heard before.  He is a bit of a character, and if this interview doesn’t paint a picture of him, then I’m not sure what else will.

As mentioned in the program, you should consider donating to The 2016 Olympia Experimental Music Festival #22 on their Indiegogo Page.  And below is the video that Ryan Ray made, who’s voice was a part of today’s program, along with Ricardo’s.

Also premiering in this broadcast is part of a recording by The Dead Air Fresheners, a track that is from their forthcoming album that is not yet released.  We’re very excited to have this as part of the show, along with all the great music in tonight’s show.

Get to know Ricardo, his radio program, and some incredible music, this week on Mid-Valley Mutations.



Spinitron Playlist


The Ricardo Wang Interview

Part I: What’s This Called?

01.) Electric Cello 2014.3 * Derek M. Johnson * Soundcloud.com
02.) Expialatrocious * Ryan Ray * Recorded Explicitly For This Broadcast
03.) “What’s This Called?” * Ricardo Wang * 22 October 2005 KPSU Broadcast
04.) Laundry Room 2 * Uneasy Chairs * Alexander Hamilton


Part II: Ricardo On The Line

05.) Performance 2 * Fischkopf Sinfoniker * Live on “What’s This Called?” 27 September 2014

06.) Ja-maii-ca Suite [Excerpt] * Miserable Monokeys * Live 7 January 2016

07.) Performance 1 * LA Lungs * Live on “What’s This Called?” 16 September 2006


Part III: World Premiere

08.) Moment * The Giant Worm * Resting on Laurels
09.) Time to Say Goodbye * The Dead Air Fresheners *
10.) Parallel Universe No.3 * Serena Tideman * Live at Café-Club Fais Do-Do – Los Angeles CA – 25 February 2011

The “How’s It Named?” Halloween Spook-Tacular!

The Aftermath

The “How’s It Named?” Halloween Spook-Tacular!
(Featuring scary selections from the collections of Austin Rich & Ricardo Wang. Originally broadcast on Halloween in 2009 on KPSU.)

Pulling out all the stops for the last installment of our Spook-Tacular series this month, I joined forces with Ricardo Wang of What’s This Called? to bring you two hours of insanity to kick-start your Halloween Party Plans tonight. Ob-soive:

This has been a wonderful Holiday Season, and I really enjoyed getting back into the Halloween saddle. I’m not sure what’s on the docket for next week, but stay tuned! As the weather changes, and the year grinds to a close, I’ll be doing my best to bring you everything musical you need to cope. Pleasant Nightmares!

See you in seven.

How’s It Named? Halloween Spook-tacular!

01.) Halloween Hootenanny * Zacherle
02.) Halloween At KPSU
03.) A Night In A Haunted House * Sounds To Make You Shiver
04.) Paint It Black * The Avengers * The Avengers
05.) Waltz For A Witch * Maury Laws * Mad Monster Party
06.) Witches And Devils * Albert Ayler
07.) Ghost Wanted * Carl Stalling * The Carl Stalling Project Vol. 2
08.) Hands In The Dark * Dark Day * Dark From Day One
09.) Bride Of Frankenstein * Quintron * The Frog Tape
10.) Doors Of Death * Chuck Swaim & The Dead Air Fresheners
11.) I Hear Voices * Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
12.) What’s This Called? ID * Crank Sturgeon
13.) Please Mr. Gravedigger * David Bowie
14.) Werewolf Watusi * Don Hinson And The Rigamorticians
15.) Still Walking * Throbbing Gristle * 20 Jazz Funk Greats
16.) Feeder * Coil
17.) The Boogie Monster * Gnarles Barkley
18.) Frankenstein Walk * Gene “Bowlegs” Miller
19.) Ghost Bitch * Sonic Youth
20.) At The Stake * Melvins * Stoner Witch
21.) Corpse Pose * Unwound * Repetition
22.) Look A Ghost * Unwound * Leaves Turn Inside You
23.) Graveyard * Butthole Surfers * Locust Abortion Technician
24.) Night Of The Vampire * Roky Erickson & The Aliens * The Evil One
25.) Happy Nightmare Baby * Opal
26.) C.R.E.E.P. * The Fall
27.) Gravedigging Blues * Beat Happening * Black Candy
28.) Devil Doll * X
29.) Spookmaster * The Ghastly Ones * A-Haunting We Will Go-Go
30.) Demon Sanctuary * Naked City * Naked City
31.) Mad Monster Part * Maury Laws * Mad Monster Party
32.) Happy Halloween * Zacherle