Thanksgiving Leftovers w/ DJ Swill! (Remastered)

Care For Some Rock 'n' Roll Pie?
Care For Some Rock ‘n’ Roll Pie?

Thanksgiving Leftovers w/ DJ Swill! (Remastered) 
(Featuring a tag-team DJ set with leftover music that we haven’t had a chance to get to recently.  Originally broadcast 29 November 2010.)

DJ Swill has made a few appearances on our show in the last few years, and when he is on the show, it is most often a Grumpy Punk show.  This particular show is of interest in that this one has never been available to our podcast listeners.  It did go out live, but the recording that was captured was horribly distorted, and was missing a number of songs.  This Remastered Version is an attempt to bring this show back for a different audience.  Better recordings of the music has been found, the voice overs have been cleaned up a little, and everything is present and sequenced the way it should be.  It took a lot of hard work to get this show back from the grave, and hopefully it is worth the effort.

In it, DJ Swill and I made an effort to expand our usual Grumpy Punk aesthetic, and feature areas of our collections that are weirder and further left of center.  Swill got on my case about always pushing Punk Music when we get together, and insisted that he wasn’t a one trick pony when it came to his interests.  As the opening King Crimson song should suggest, we’re exploring other territory with this one.  Hopefully you will enjoy where we go.


Thanksgiving Leftovers w/ DJ Swill

# Track * Artist * Album * Label
01.) Sheltering Sky * King Crimson * Discipline * EG Records
02.) Someone’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight * The Rezillos * Can’t Stand the Rezillos * Warner Bros. / Sire Records
03.) Penguin In Bondage * The Mothers of Invention * Roxy And Elswhere Live * Discreet Records
04.) 2 Forms Of Anger * Brian Eno * Small Craft On A Milk Sea * Opal Records
05.) Crab Louie * Sandabs * Frolic Diner: 18 Wild Instros fer Eatin’ & Strippin’ To! * Romulan Records
06.) I Only Said * My Bloody Valentine * Loveless * Sire Records
07.) Sherlock Holmes * The Sparks * Angst In My Pants * Atlantic Records
08.) Porcelain * The Pretenters * Extended Play * Sire Records
09.) Price of Paradise * Meat Puppets * Our Band Could Be Your Life * Little Brother Records
10.) Hot Cross Buns * Paul Gayton * Frolic Diner: 18 Wild Instros fer Eatin’ & Strippin’ To! * Romulan Records
11.) Instant Karma * Tater Totz * Sgt. Shonen’s Exploding Plastic Eastman Band Request * Gasatanka Records
12.) Sounds of Laughter * T.S.O.L. * Rat Music For Rat People Vol. 1
13.) Hybrid Moments * The Misfits * Legacy Of Brutality * Caroline Records
14.) Institutionalized * Suicidal Tendencies * Suicidal Tendencies
15.) Target * Fugazi * Red Medicine * Disocrd Records
16.) Lucky Acid * Unwound * Want Comp Uno * Wantage USA Records
17.) Tacos * Royaltones * Frolic Diner: 18 Wild Instros fer Eatin’ & Strippin’ To! * Romulan Records
18.) Dog Food * Wes Dakus * Frolic Diner: 18 Wild Instros fer Eatin’ & Strippin’ to! * Romulan Records
19.) Waiting For Butterflies * Corgo Cult * Strange Men Bearing Gifts * Touch & Go Records
20.) ha ha ha * Flipper
21.) Cholo Charlie * Fantômas
22.) You Always Hurt The One You Love * Spike Jones & His City Slickers
23.) Mah-Na-Mah-Na * Piero Umiliani
24.) Have Love Will Travel * The Nomads * The Rebel Kind * Interesting Records
25.) Chop Suey Rock * The Instrumentals * Frolic Diner: 18 Wild Instros fer Eatin’ & Strippin’ to! * Romulan Records
26.) Green Light, Red Light * Plain Wrap * Original Music For A Generic World * Enigma Records
27.) Johnny’s Got A Problem * D.I. * Flipside Fanzine Vol. 2 * Gasatanka Records
28.) Die By The Sword * Slayer * River’s Edge Soundtrack * Enigma Records
29.) The Imposter * Elvis Costello & The Attractions * Concerts For The People of Kampuchea * Atlantic Records
30.) Secret Agent Man * The Plugz * Repo Man (Soundtrack)
31.) Bricklayer * Hüsker Dü * Land Speed Record * New Alliance Records
32.) Tired of Doing Things * Hüsker Dü * Land Speed Record * New Alliance Records
33.) Mohawk Town * The Vandals
34.) Garlic Bread * Gary and Larry
35.) Spot Barnett * Sweetmeats
36.) Swan Lake * Public Image Ltd. * Second Edition
37.) Praying Hands * Clawhammer * Q: Are We Not Men? Dork * Sympathy For The Record Industry
38.) Candle * Sonic Youth * Daydream Nation
39.) Touched * My Bloody Valentine * Loveless * Sire Records
40.) I’ll Be Your Mirror * Rainy Day * Rainy Day * Rough Trade Records

A Grumpy Punk Christmas w/ DJ Swill

Smile For The Camera
Smile For The Camera

A Grumpy Punk Christmas w/ DJ Swill
(Originally broadcast on 10 December 2009 on KPSU.)

Join DJ Swill and I for an hour-long, Grumpy Punk exploration of Christmas Music for people who don’t like Christmas Music.  We tag team through a number of X-Mas oddities, and talk about our interests as music fans, in this very special Grumpy Punk broadcast.

Aside from Halloween, there are very few holidays that we here at Blasphuphmus Radio celebrate.  However, it is difficult to ignore the holiday season when the rest of the world is taken in its grip for the majority of the winter months.  Sooner or later, the influence of these holidays reaches even us.  Fortunately, DJ Swill and I are on the same page, and we decide to celebrate Christmas the Grumpy Way.

Below you will find a short video, shot by Wendy, of us in action, so you can get a visual of what this is all about.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Christmas Music For People Who Don’t Like Christmas Music.  Enjoy!