Gun For Dinosaur (#113)

Gun For Dinosaur (#113)
(Featuring two classic time-traveling epics, originally on, 27 March 20123 April 2012.)

In the ’50’s, amid the din and clatter that was dramatic theater on the radio, the show that blew almost all the others away was undoubtedly X Minus One.  They had an amazing crew of writers who went on to do a number of outstanding things, among them Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein and Frederik Pohl, just to name a few.  It was the kind of show that could not be missed, and is a big influence on my entire aesthetic.

As part of our Traveling Through Time series, we present A Gun For Dinosaur, written by L. Sprague de Camp, originally bro

adcast on NBC on 7 March 1956.  I’m proud of this audio essay. I like to think we attempt to deliver a new interpretation of those fantastic radio stories.  With music.

Time Travel has always been my favorite Sci-Fi subject, and I’ve toyed with the subject myself on this very program a few times before.  But it is not always a subject that easily translates to music.  For some reason, there are just not that many songs about the Grandfather Paradox.  Abstractly at times, yes.  But you know how it goes.

I want to give a special shout out to kiisu d’salyss, who performed much of the backing music that is throughout this episode.  kiisu and I have been friends for years, and he’s appeared on this show in a few of the different bands that he’s been in, and as a solo artist.  For the music in this particular episode, the music was performed on a Kitara, a computer / keytar / guitar hybrid, manufactured by Misa Digital.  If you hear something that sounds spacey in this show, it’s him. The other stuff is by Mortal Engines.



Gun For Dinosaur

This episode features samples of “Gun For Dinosaur,” written by L. Sprague de Camp, originally broadcast on NBC on 7 March 1956.


Part I: Let’s Go Back In Time

01.) Austin FM Theme * Paco Jones * Austin FM Theme * Self-Released (2016)
02.) Terremoto * Amao Quartet * Improcreations
03.) Vanishing of Time * The Vivian Girls * Share The Joy
04.) Live Performance * Mortal Engines * Blasphuphmus Radio * 11 April 2009
05.) Have Another Drink * MX-80 * Alway’s Leave ‘Em Wanting Less * Atavistic Records
06.) Is Time Travel Possible? * Michio Kaku *
07.) Kitara Composition (Live) * kissu  d’salyss * March 2012
08.) Time * The Heartaches * Too Cool For School

Part II: Slide Machine

09.) Tell ‘Em * Sleigh Bells * Treats
10.) Introductory Physics of Time Travel [Excerpt I] * Lost University *
11.) Kitara Composition 2 (Live) * kissu  d’salyss * March 2012
12.) Slide Machine * 13th Floor Elevators * Easter Everywhere
13.) Headhunter * Thee Headhunters * Jungle Law EP
14.) Introductory Physics of Time Travel [Excerpt II] * Lost University *
15.) Kitara Composition 3 (Live) * kissu  d’salyss * March 2012
16.) Complication * The Monks * Black Monk Time
17.) The Small Stuff * The Dismemberment Plan * !
18.) Introductory Physics of Time Travel [Excerpt III] * Lost University *
19.) Kitara Composition 4 (Live) * kissu  d’salyss * March 2012
20.) Time Has Come Today * The Ramones * Subterranean Jungle

Part III: Time Flies By

21.) Open Up Your Door * Richard & The Young Lions
22.) The Conversation We’re Having Right Now * Hurley & Miles * Lost * ABC Television
23.) Kitara Composition 5 (Live) * kissu  d’salyss * March 2012
24.) Time Flies By * Quasi * Early Recordings * Touch & Go 1996
25.) “My name is Peabody.” * Mr. Peabody * Jay Ward
26.) Time (Live) * Clifford Brown & Max Roach * At Basin Street * Verve 1956
27.) Raw Meat * The Black Lips * Arabia Mountain


Part IV: Time Theory

28.) How Long Do I Have To Wait For You? * Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings * Naturally
29.) Time Theory 11:11 * Miss Murgatroid * Through Alien Empires * Japan Overseas 1995
30.) “Don’t touch it!” * Time Bandits * HandMade Films / Janus Films 1981
31.) Where Did He Go? * The Briefs * Hit After Hit

Part V: Dinosaur Rock

32.) I Don’t See You * Camper Van Beethoven * Telephone Free Landslide Victory
33.) Dinosaur Rock * Narthex * Duo-Phonic Sounds System: 1980 – 1983
34.) Bad News * The Trashmen * Tube City!  The Best of The Trashmen
35.) All Tied Up * The Shakers * Teenline Vol. 3
36.) Paid In Cigarettes * Hot Snakes * Suicide Invoice

Part VI:  Tell Me When It’s Over

37.) Introductory Physics of Time Travel [Excerpt IV] * Lost University *
38.) Kitara Composition 5 (Live) * kissu  d’salyss * March 2012
39.) Slow Down Time [Excerpt] * Sky Cries Mary * This Timeless Turning * World Domination Music Group 1994
40.) Prevenge * The Might Be Giants * The Spine
41.) Tell Me When It’s Over * The Dream Syndicate * The Days Of Wine & Roses
42.) No Doubt About It * The Wipers * Follow Blind


A Seasonal Show (22259)

A "Seasonal" Show
A “Seasonal” Show

A Seasonal Show (22259)
(Featuring another simulcast from DJ JustanotherDJ and our Southern California affiliate for Blasphuphmus Radio.)

With the holidays in full swing, I knew that holiday shopping and whatnot would prevent me from being able to assemble a two hour show this week.  Fortunately, DJ JustanotherDJ (at our Southern California affiliate) is regularly able to get my back in situations like this, and it was easy enough to program the quantum number generator to switch the feed to him for the first hour of the show.  With that in mind, we present one of the more unusual interpretations of holiday broadcasting, as DJ JustanotherDJ dives into A Seasonal Show.

A Seasonal Show (22259)


SHOW NOTES 12/17/2011

Hey, folks.  DJ JustAnotherDJ here.

THE NIGHTS ARE GETTING LONGER!  No, I’m not trying to depress anyone – beyond any S.A.D. they may already be going through on their own.  That’s just my first correction.  During the show, I said the days were getting longer this time of year, when, of course, we all know it’s the nights.  I guess since I’m a night person, I just kind of turned things around there.  I did a lot of that this week.

My other correction is that “Splinter” is actually about the Snow Queen, not the Ice Queen.  Guess that fairy tale isn’t all that famous after all, if I can’t even remember what she’s the queen of – no, that would just be my problem.  It’s famous enough.  The version of the song heard here is a “bonus” track, which isn’t as easy to throw onto a CD as it is on vinyl – it’s actually contained in the track for the final song of the album, “White Linen”, after about 15 minutes of silence.  Stupid CDs.  Though, for my money, better than “the Cloud.”  Hey, lets all line up to buy things we can’t actually possess!  Yeah, that’ll end well.

For the “bells” section of the show, all those songs are from 2010.  In fact, a couple of the bands had their debut that year, and they all were formed generally around that time.  Interesting how there were decades of music with no bands that had the word “bells” in their names, then, all of a sudden there’s, like, four.  Life is an odd place.

So, yeah, maybe I can’t get seasonal music right, but I hope I played some songs that you liked.  And, I also hope you all have a happy whatever-you-do for this time of year!


01.) Infinity Guitars * Sleigh Bells * Treats * Mom + Pop/N.E.E.T.
02.) Make A Deal With The City * Hurricane Bells * Down Comes The Rain * Invisible Brigades (self-release)
03.) Babelonia * School of Seven Bells * Disconnect from Desire * Ghostly International / Vagrant Records
04.) Your Head Is On Fire * Broken Bells * Broken Bells Columbia
05.) Winter * Tori Amos * Winter – Maxi Single * Atlantic
06.) The Pool * Tori Amos * Winter – Maxi Single * Atlantic
07.) Take to the Sky * Tori Amos * Winter – Maxi Single * Atlantic
08.) Sweet Dreams * Tori Amos * Winter – Maxi Single * Atlantic
09.) Inside Out * Tori Amos * Winter – Maxi Single * Atlantic
10.) Under Ice * Kate Bush * Hounds Of Love * EMI
11.) Splinter (alternate version) * 17 Reasons Why * The Dark Years * 17 Reasons Why
12.) Winter On Ice * The Spinanes * Strand * Sub Pop
13.) Icepond * Sunset Valley * Icepond * Barsuk
14.) Every Iceberg Is Afire * Sky Cries Mary * This Timeless Turning * World Domination Recordings / Capitol Records