Sunday Service

MUTATION SHOWCASE 2-20-2017.jpeg
Designed by Maritxu de Alaiza

Sunday Service: A Mutation Showcase.

Featuring a wide range of Live, Experimental Performances by artists you won’t see anywhere else.

Hosted by The Space Concert Club & Mid-Valley Mutations.

The Last Sunday of Every Month.  8 PM, Sharp.

Contact for booking and more information.

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Anymore, Experimental Music is no longer the obscure genre it one was, nor is it ridiculed (and often ignored) as one would expect.  Not only have the practitioners gone out of their way to document and promote music like this, but artists in every genre are turning to experimental sounds and production techniques – pioneered by these once obscure artists – and the notion that something that isn’t Pristine Pop has gone out the window, in favor of some truly amazing and unique artists.  While you may expect to find Experimental music in Portland, or even Eugene, Salem is beginning to host more events like this.  It was only a matter of time before Sunday Service came to town.

Our goal is not to weird anyone out, or to push boundaries so far as to be controversial.  Rather, we want to create an inclusive environment where artists from all over Oregon can perform without having to fit into a Rock ‘n’ Roll context, or to have to fight with bands that play more “traditional” kinds of music.  Children make experimental music.  You neighbors make experimental music.  Wherever there are curious people who enjoy sound and exploration, there will be experimental music.  Let’s give it a home, and give it the attention it deserves.

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sundayservice00Showcase 00: Guyve, Corvallis Experiments in Noise, Red Panda Death March, MKUltramegaphone

Raw 2Showcase 01: Eric Hausmann & Scott Steele, The Long Division Trio, Vortex Remover & MKUltramegaphone

18301494_455266871477970_8511380615237146417_nShowcase 02: The Giant Worm, Forbidden Love, Хапчык, Depleted Your Cranium, Uneasy Chairs

ElectronicShowcase 03: Chemotroph, Ross Fish, Luthor Maggot, Heavy Model, Grease Beast & Moth Hunter

AS6_5370resShowcase 04: Eater of Hope, Herd William, Don Haugen, Fischkopf Sinfoniker.