Wanting To Be Cool in Beautiful Anywhere, Anywhen.

There is a companion podcast that focuses on interviews. You can find this show at Anywhere Anywhen. This is a podcast only, and features language you will not find on the radio. It is also largely interviews and live performances. No mixing.

For those of you are would like to support the show and enjoy some excellent music for your trouble, we recommend that you head over to our web-store, Wanting To Be Cool on Bandcamp, and pick up a few of our releases.  There is a deal going now, where you can get all of our releases for $13, a real steal considering you get 8 albums (two of which are at least 40 tracks each).

Each purchase that mentions Mid-Valley Mutations automatically donates that money to KMUZ Radio here in Salem, OR.  Support community radio, and DIY music, an enjoy these great releases:

coverBeware of Tomorrow! devilsclub & Austin Rich

This live performance on the fourth episode of “Mid-Valley Mutations” captures the collaboration between myself and Salem’s own devilsclub, an unusual project that uses electronics and chaos as an element in the composition.  This album contains both performances from our live jam on 17 June 2016, and is hopefully a sign of things to come in the future.  This was an excellent performance by a rare musician that you don’t find anywhere else.

Journey Into Space Austin Rich & Ricardo Wang

This live performance on Ricardo Wang’s What’s This Called? program was not only a great chance for us to collaborate, but made for some great radio, too.  Here’s the entire t
hree part performance, available at the pay-what-you-wish digital format.

The Ways of Ghosts by Ambrose Bierce (read by Austin Rich)

Austin’s annual Halloween Spook-tacular Broadcasts go back to 2003, and to celebrate the holiday the old-fashioned way, Austin has released this Spoken Word EP, where he reads the classic Ambrose Bierce collection, The Ways of Ghosts, with scary sounds and effects to send chills down your spine.
Perfect for the fall & winter months, or any time when the sun is down and the wind is picking up.

The Shindig Shakedown Digital 7″ (Disc 1 & Disc 2)

With over 80 artists producing music, videos, ‘zines, photography & poems, The Shindig Shakedown was originally a unique release that was only available at Austin’s 40th Birthday Party.  These days, both physical and digital editions are available, and offers a huge assortment of music in nearly every genre.  If you want to discover wide range
of new artists, this is the place for you.

Lost In The Supermarket

Released on the anniversary of Austin’s first radio broadcast – and offered with every door fee paid by attendees to the 15th Anniversary Blas-travaganza,  Lost In The Supermarket offers 20 friends of the show who offer punk, experimental, electronic, an other assorted musical flavors.  Here’s a sho
rt commercial:

Live At Habesha Lounge 13 April 2013

This live document of the music that went down at this show is an impressive look into a range of experimental music that often gets overlooked in the music industry.  In this pay-what-you-want release, examine five unique experimental artists, and hear them play to the crowd at an
Ethiopian Restaurant.

In Loving Memory of Harold (Expanded Edition) by Cathead

For several years in the mid-’90’s, an acid-damaged group of avant-punk weirdos came together under the name “Cathead” to play shows in the Eugene area, release tapes to befuddled friends and family, and produced a wide range of recordings using anything and everything they could get access to.  In this digital document (also available as a paper airplane “drone” with download code), you will find all that remai
ns of Cathead, what they were able to clean out of The Litterbox before it was tossed out.  If you remember the sound of listening to punk rock and taking drugs with your friends, then this is the release for you.

No Contact (22 May 2012 Performance) by Moth Hunter

One of our favorite live guests on the program has been Moth Hunter, the little known and often-misunderstood electronic artist that largely makes jams for his cats and anyone who passes by.  Here’s the entire four-part performance available in a pay-what-you’d-like format, so you can enjoy his music at a cost that makes sense to you.