horridusWho is horridus?

As the performer in the Salem electronic combo devilsclub, horridus has become a frequent collaborator on Mid-Valley Mutations, and beginning in 2017, has become a co-host when he’s available.

horridus has been an artist and performer his entire life, working on a number or projects and in a number of mediums.  But devilsclub is perhaps his favorite and his most personal.


Compositions rely on chaos as a member of the group, allowing songs to evolve in and of the moment. This not only gives the performances unique audio textures that are, in some cases, unrepeatable, but also allows the mood of the room, and the emotion of the players to become a part of the show.

devilsclub performs in and around the Salem area, and is always exploring new sounds whenever possible.

devilsclub on archive.org