Thanksgiving Special 2015!

riding-turkeyThanksgiving Special 2015!
(As part of our annual Thanksgiving Leftovers celebration, we dig up a pair of Old Time Radio classics for a festive celebration you are guaranteed to enjoy, even without the cranberry sauce.)

Join us for our annual Thanksgiving celebration, where we dig up some leftovers we’ve been meaning to get to.  This year, we’re celebrating with Jimmy Durante and Abbot & Costello, as they deliver vintage comedy that you can binge on when you’re tired of dealing with your family.

The selections come from the collection, “100 OTR Thanksgiving Holiday Shows,” which features an amazing collection of old radio programs of every variety, from the late ’30’s to the mid ’70’s.  Many of the Thanksgiving episodes in those days were guest-star packed “dinners” that were filled with jokes, music, and skits.  In both of the episodes provided today, there are musical interludes and are incredibly funny.

This episode also debuts our new theme song by Paco Jones and family!  Paco has been doing our theme songs for a number of years now, and in each iteration of the program he has given us a style and flavor of music that has really improved the flow of the show.  He is a pretty incredibly filmmaker as well as artist, and you should support his work.

Lastly: we have done these kind of Leftovers shows in the past, and with that in mind, here is a link to all of our Thanksgiving shows.  We’ve had some fun shows in the past, and you should enjoy them, too.

That’s gonna do it for us this week.  See ya soon!



Thanksgiving Special 2015!

Side A: 

01.) The Jimmy Durante Show * CBS * 26 November 1947
02.) Turkey Hop * The Robins

Side B: 

03.) The Abbot & Costello Show * NBC * 25 November 1942
04.) Serenade For A Jive Turkey * Nite Liters

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