The Daily NewsBlas 31 October 2014: Happy Halloween!

Blasphuphmus Radio's Halloween Spook-tacular 2014!
Blasphuphmus Radio’s Halloween Spook-tacular 2014!

The Daily NewsBlas 31 October 2014: Happy Halloween!

This Halloween Season was fantastic, and I really enjoyed all of the excellent places we have gone over the last month.  I will be honest: this shorter format was a lot of fun to play with, and I really got to introduce people to some of my favorite Halloween Ephemera.

As my gift to you, I’ve put together a four-hour Halloween Music Presentation, that you can download and play at your party.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you:

The Halloween Spook-tacular 2014!

This is a collection of 95 tracks by artists recording some serious monster rock.  This music in this collection all comes from the crucial 1920 – 1969 period, and are culled from a variety of sources and compilations that are readily available from a variety of sources.  Quite a few of these have appeared in previous episodes, by many are new to me, and have never aired on our program.  My gift, to you, this holiday season, is some serious party music you can dance to.

We’ve offered quite a few incredible Holliday Treats, and to summarize, here’s a run-down of some of the features we’re had this month:

Haunted House Ambience Mix 2014 
This is a mix of various “Spooky Sounds” LPs from my private collection, that runs a full 60 minutes.  Great atmosphere for trick or treaters!

There were a number of other great NewsBlas this month, and you can find all of our Halloween Programming (going back to 2004) here:

Blasphuphmus Radio’s Halloween Spook-tacular!

This includes all of our shows, and Halloween episodes of What’s This Called?, Closet Radio & The Guitar Shop.  It’s just another way that we deliver unique programming to our listeners.

While it is sad to crawl back into the crypt for another year, we know that it can’t be Halloween the whole year through.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t be as cool as it is.

Happy Halloween.



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