NewsBlas 1 October 2014: Halloween Spook-tacular 2014! (Prelude)

It's Here!

NewsBlas 1 October 2014: Halloween Spook-tacular 2014! (Prelude)

We offer our yearly Halloween Spook-tacular programming, and this is the perfect time to subscribe to our Halloween Podcast Feed, which now contains more spooky radio than ever before!  Not only do you get every Blasphuphmus Radio podcast complete and unedited, we’ve also included every Halloween broadcast by What’s This Called? and Closet Radio, wonderful additions to our humble network.  There are a number of listening options.


The Haunting [Edited] * Gayle House Records * The Haunting (1971)
[Edited effects From] * Haunted House Music Co. * Haunted House (1985)

Mother Box 022

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