Monster Movie Party!

Monster Movie Party!
Monster Movie Party!

Monster Movie Party!
(Featuring Halloween selections from the early 1960’s, mixing our annual Halloween Spook-tacular with Blasphuphmus Radio Goes To The Movies!  Originally podcast on 26 October 2013 on and re-aired in 2015.)

Playlist & Footnotes:

I am always looking for ways to mash-up my own themes and tropes, and when it dawned on me to do a Halloween Spooktacular AND a new installment of Blasphuphmus Radio Goes To The Movies, it was hard not to follow this idea to its most logical conclusion.  With that in mind, I put together three Audio Essays, each focused on a different Famous Monster from the classic era of Hollywood Horror.  Vampires!  Frankenstein!  The Werewolf!  They’re all right here, in this Monster Movie Party!

Credit must be given where credit is due: this show is also inspired by the Wavy Gravy compilations that were put out by Beware Records.  Starting in the late 80’s and early 90’s, this label was putting out compilations of hard-to-find rock and roll gems, interjecting trailers for b movies.  This was clearly inspired by the mix tapes that Lux Interior had been making since the ’70’s, and of course, the radio work of The Mad Daddy.  Since these records were released in a pre-Internet era, it can’t be stressed how strange and incredible these albums were, when this kind of stuff was hard to find.  It was their idea of including trailers that has really swept the radio landscape for DJs and oddballs who are into this kind of music, and since I was mining that period in rock history for this show, it only makes sense to do the same.

The early ’60’s – my cut-off date for this show – is a very interesting period in rock music.  The beginning sounds of what would become Garage Rock is starting to take shape, but the sound is still heavily rooted in that late ’50’s naiveté.  But Shock Theater is starting to take over late night television, and the shape of things to come is just as scary.  I really enjoyed putting this show together, and I hope you did it as much as I do.


Monster Movie Party!

Part I: Vampires!
01.) “Atom Age Vampire” Trailer * Anton Giulio Majano * 1963
02.) Vampira * Bobby Bare * 1958
03.) Vampire * The Crystals * 1960
04.) “Macabre” Trailer * William Castle * 1958
05.) Screamin’ Ball (At Dracula Hall) * The Duponts * 1957
06.) “Dracula” Trailer * 1931
07.) Graveyard Cha Cha * The Three D’s * 1959
08.) “The Vampire & The Ballerina” Trailer * 1960

Part II: Frankenstein!
09.) “I Was A Teenage Frankenstein” * Herbert L. Strock * 1957
10.) At The House Of Frankenstein * Big Bee Kornegay * 1958
11.) Satan Takes A Holiday * Tommy Dorsey * 1937
12.) “Frankenstein” Trailer * James Whale * 1931
13.) Frankenstein Rock * Eddie Thomas * 1958
14.) “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” Trailer * 1963
15.) You Can Get Him Frankenstein * Castle Kings * 1961
16.) “Calling Dr. Death” Trailer * 1943
17.) Don’t Meet Mr. Frankenstein * Carlos Casual Jr. * 1962
18.) “Frankenstein’s Daughter” Trailer * 1958

Part III: The Werewolf!
19.) Dead Man Blues * Jelly Roll Morton * 1926
20.) “The Werewolf” Excerpt * Alan Smithee * 1935
21.) The Werewolf * Carl Bonafede * 1960
22.) “I Was A Teenage Werewolf” * 1956
23.) Werewolf * Garry Warren * 1958
24.) “The Curse of The Werewolf” Trailer * 1961
25.) Mr. Werewolf * The Kac Ties * 1963
26.) “The Wolf Man” Trailer * 1941
27.) Monster Party * Bill Doggett * 1959

28.) “The Mummy” Trailer * 1932

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