Saving New Year’s Eve


Saving New Year’s Eve
(Featuring listener mail, how you can contact us, and out plans for the future, all while becoming a mini- Eugene Celebration -cast.)

As 2013 kick-starts our lives in this new, post-apocalyptic world that we now live in, it is important to know that you have accomplished something to help make the world a better place.  In this mini-cast, I review some e-mail I got from a listener, and how I was able to save a holiday near and dear to their heart.  It was very sweet, and in response I played a bunch of a band they requested – Adickdid – and talk about my plans this year.  It’s a little bit of everything today, and that’s just the way we like it.

Many shows are currently in production, and the new year will see a variety of new (and old) subjects revisited as we discover what, exactly, our program will be like moving forward.  We are enjoying the discovery ourselves, and how that you do, too.

In the meantime: here’s some vintage riot girl awesomeness, in response to the need for more Adickdid in our Eugene Celebration series of shows.  Episode III of that series in on the way.  This is just a small taste.



We Saved New Year’s Eve

01.) Mail Box * Adickdid * Dismantle * G Records
02.) Falling * Adickdid * Slaughter on 13th Street * Self-Released.
03.) Ask Nicely * Adickdid * Dismantle * G Records
04.) Stare Right Past You * Adickdid * Dismantle * G Records

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